Sufjan Stevens By Marzuki Stevens

Here’s “I Walked,” the fourth track from Sufjan Stevens’s upcoming The Age Of Adz. You’ll get a small taste of what the press release said would be “… deliberately electronic, synthesized (and occasionally danceable!)” stuff on the album. Have a listen:

The Age Of Adz is out 10/12 via Asthmatic Kitty. Pre-order here.

[Photo by Marzuki Stevens]

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  2. Wow, I cannot wait for this album.

  3. Love it.

    Also, sup Clive Owen?

  4. Holy Hell. This is fantastic.

  5. Wow! NOW I’m excited about this album!

  6. There’s a Stephin Merritt kinda feel into it. Love it as well. From The Mouth of Gabriel already seemed to point to this direction.

  7. This is what I hoped Enjoy Your Rabbit would be like.

  8. “I don’t know what the song means anymore” my ass. Sufjan’s been hustling us. This is awesome. I was skeptical at the beginning but by the end of the song I fell in luvz.

  9. AMAZING. from the beginning i knew it was going to be good.

  10. how does ol’ soof keep from becoming a cliche’ of himself? he releases music like this. wow.

  11. Well the first time I listened to it I thought it was okay, but its really growing me. Its coming from okay to great.

  12. Hey, this song has a hook! Kind of surprising, given his new stuff.

  13. this shit is RAD

  14. Love this track. I’m even getting comfortable with the album-cover art.

  15. I think it’s gorgeous but thought it could take things a little slower. (Not like “Justin Beiber slowed down sounds like an ambient classic” slower, just kind of “slow waltz” slower.)

  16. Absolutely great. I love how it’s such massive style shift, but I don’t feel like he’s turned his back on his earlier work. It still feels like Sufjan, because only he can write songs this good, and arrange them so tastefully. Production is A+ too.

  17. The song is good, but I’ve been sooo in looove with the All Delighted People EP… and everywhere you read about this album it says that it’s going to be nothing like the EP, nothing like his previous storyline-oriented work. But that’s what I absolutely LOVE about his music!! I know I’ll like this album, because I have such faith in him…. but I’m wondering what it’s going to be like, without a heartbreakingly beautiful story to follow…

  18. Anyone else notice that this sounds essentially like a techno version of the song Eet, from Regina Spektor’s album Far?

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