Brandon Flowers The Troubadour

We saw him play “Hard Enough” live (without Lewis) at his debut solo show in Las Vegas, though with Lewis on backing vocals it really brings out how much this track sounds like Fleetwood Mac. Listen to this radio rip:

(via 24Bit)

Flamingo is out 9/14.

[Photo by Andrew Youssef]

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  1. Does his voice sound too weak for what he’s trying to do, or am I not getting it? Entirely possible I am not getting it. He does well with all kinds of synths and guitars and drums wailing, but with a sparser more minimalist feel (an attempt to pump up his voice strength in the overall mix/feel?) it hurts to hear him strain.

  2. thinking the exact same thing.
    I predict that this guy is gonna sound worse than Bruce in the next 5 years

  3. this absolutely blows….to even mention fleetwood mac in the same sentence is giving this WAY too much credit

  4. I really really like this.

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