Not at all safe for work.

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  1. Jeff Goldblum has a gigantic cock.

  2. > Jeff Goldblum has a gigantic cock.

    for a fly.

  3. holy me.

  4. ishtar gonzalez  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2004 0

    i’m going to hell. sucks.

  5. No dude, you have to think. He’s like 6’5″ so it’s large proportionate to his body, he’s just been swimming in the ocean, and that thing is still looking pretty meaty, unaroused.

    Maybe “giant” was too strong an adjective, but it’s much larger than it deserves to be.

  6. Did I actually say “proportionate”? Holy shit

  7. Chris  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2004 0

    Anyone know a site that’s still showing these pics?

  8. jedmatic  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2004 0

    Jeff’s got a semi and his pubes are way trimmed. He’s nothing special.
    Lisa Marie has some nice breasts, though. Maybe I should start a breast blog. Unless there’s one already that I don’t know about.

  9. Wow, nice tits on the chick. Jeff’s cock is not huge at all, especially considering he is like 7’10″ tall.

  10. You wouldn’t think so, would you? But typically the penis’s size isn’t relative to height (a 5’6″ man and a 6’3″ man would often have the same size unit). The fact that he is extremely tall, AND it is in proportion to his body, makes you realize that it is suitable for mounting on a wall.

  11. jade  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2004 0

    jeff isn’t 7’10″, he is 6’4″ and i dont care how big his cock is , he’s sexy as hell

  12. lyn  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2004 0

    he is cute; jeff, i mean.i’ve danced-slow with him. very darn cute and brilliant to. i like that in my man. he was mine for a bit… life is wonderful dancing with a handsome prince.

  13. jade  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2004 0

    i hope you realise that i’m insanely jealous

  14. TiXiCboynTX  |   Posted on Jan 8th, 2005 0

    I’ve heard BIG things about these pics. Does anyone have them to mail me? (e~mail, LoL)
    Or where can I find them?
    He’s HoT to me!

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