For the latest dispatch from Coldplay’s seemingly bottomless reservoir of Viva La detritus, Chris Martin passes the mic to drummer Will Champion and lets him have a moment out in front. It’s not so much a Martin ego-check as a recognition that the Champ’s got a nice voice for songs like this one, a relatively (i.e. deliberately, self-consciously) ramshackle and loosey-goosey late-night sing-along, “The Goldrush.” (Remember Will sang the rootsy, sketch of a b-side “Death Will Never Conquer” at the MSG show, only to have Chris take the part on the MP3 version.) This time it’s Champ first, with some Martin on the side.

“The Goldrush” is available on the “Life In Technicolor II” 7″, and also on the Viva La Vida (Prospket’s March Edition) LP, available via Parlophone.

[Photo by Vince Bucci For Getty]

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  1. Judging by that photo it looks like Chris Martin suffers from the same misfortune as Pearl Jam’s guitarist.

  2. Robert  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2009 0

    I’m just gonna say that I love Coldplay and I like this song. It makes me wanna watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? again.

  3. Sounds like ‘Here We Come’, sung by Eno on his album Before And After Science

    • TD  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2009 0

      Wow, it does a bit. The problem with ‘Here He Comes’ was there was never a much-needed refrain, but this song supplies that.
      Not much of a Coldplay fan, but I could get into this song.

  4. I actually don’t think this song is on the Prospekt’s March EP or LP version.

  5. tommy  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2009 0

    a great folksy turn for coldplay, much like the tune “the dubliners” they premiered live a few months ago. while im a fan of their old stuff, id love to see a side project explore this musical route.

  6. star  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 0

    Is this available anywhere?

  7. Aubrey  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 0

    Part of the chorus reminds me of “They’re turning my head out” from Lovers in Japan.

  8. CS2  |   Posted on Feb 7th, 2009 0

    Stop crouching. No matter what you think, it doesn’t make you any harder to frag.

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