Tickets for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the Spidey Broadway musical, go on sale tomorrow. To celebrate and promote the opening of the $50 million production, the musical’s star Reeve Carney performed the U2-penned song “Boy Falls From The Sky” on Good Morning America. Bono and The Edge, who wrote all the words and music for the show, introduced the performance via video. “This is like the old man giving the keys to the new Convertible to the young kid, and knowing that he would drive it a lot faster than I would…” Bono says. Is that Bono saying that he thinks the thing might crash and burn? Because the kid did a pretty good job:

(via Vulture)

Are you sold? Get tickets to the Julie Taymor-directed musical here. Spider-Man plus music could be so much worse:

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  1. best bono impression ever. nice job kid

  2. I thought it was agreed that stereogum would cease and desist U2 coverage.

  3. It made me want to gouge out my eyes, feed them to a swan, wait for the swan to digest them and then use the produced pellets as earplugs. So quite an improvement on U2 really.

  4. That wasn’t a Bono impersonation, but I liked the song. Up there with or better than a good deal of U2′s recent material. (2000-)

    The singer’s voice is good, but I’d say Bono is in a different league. Bono, at the peak of his abilities and before he started smoking, had probably the best pure singing voice in pop music. He’s not one of the Three Tenors, but in the 1980s and early 90s he was the best the rock community had to offer.

  5. Don’t understand why everybody is able to say the words ‘the new musical…Spider-man…blah blah blah’ with a straight face.

  6. Probably because I see so much coverage on that I’m numb to the idiocy by now.
    But really, no matter how dumb this thing is (and it will be spectacularly dumb) it’s going to make boatloads of money.

  7. I don’t mind U2 coverage. This post is fine…it’s about a (bad) new song by a band that came from the post-punk scene and brought alternative music into arenas. The post about the 15 covers of “Use Somebody” on the other hand seems more uncalled for. And the VH1 posts…those things are just awful. I can at least see the KoL and U2 connection to the site, but VH1…not so much. Why for anything other than pageviews?

  8. Well at least it’s an original song, and not a watered-down version of watered-down punk album that is the most “exciting” and “fresh” thing to come to Broadway in years.

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