New Blind Man’s Colour – “We’re Treehouse Kids!”

They’re also St. Petersburg, Florida kids Kyle Wyss and Orhan Chettri, who meld together syrupy psychedelic pop abstractions as Blind Man’s Colour. The band name, however awkward, is fitting enough: These colors evoked don’t match naturally occurring hues. Instead, they feel like what, yes, a blind man (or woman) might imagine if you tried to explain a coral reef or some neon fish stuck deep in the ocean. You can’t escape talking about watery things with BMC, really. So far they’ve a full-length, Season Dreaming, and an EP called Wooden Blankets EP, which they recorded on 4-track tape during the course of their Senior Year in high school but remain unreleased. No doubt Animal Collective comparisons are in order, but before you start shouting about it: These are the same guys who did the AC covers download Collected Animals, so they’re clearly not shy about the influence. Take a listen to “We’re Treehouse Kids!”:

Blind Man’s Colour – “We’re Treehouse Kids!” (MP3)

A couple other tracks:”The Warm Current’s Pull” comes from Season Dreaming.

Blind Man’s Colour – “The Warm Current’s Pull” (MP3)
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And the Kanye-approved “Jimmy Dove” from the same:

Blind Man’s Colour – “Jimmy Dove” (MP3)
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Finally, here’s a video — aka the “final film for [some dude’s] high school digital film imaging class” — with a different version of Wooden’s “Never Hope For Treasure”:

You’ll find more information at their MySpace.