Ted Leo’s favorite Idol will release her third album My December later this year, though you’ve already heard one of the record’s songs. And thanks to the world upside-down web, a remix for “Never Again” spilled through the ’net this week before the song itself did. Guys like Four Tet are gonna have to up their game. Not sure if the studio version of “Never Again” is the song we’ve been dying to hear (i.e. the Mike Watt-on-bass jam) — but even if it was, Dave Audé’s club-anthem treatment would’ve obliterated the Minuteman’s contribution. Hear it at New Music Now.

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  1. doggie  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2007 0

    omg thanx steroeogum~*~*1`12

  2. I was on Stereogum’s side for each “declining quality” post I saw. I can’t be anymore.

  3. Fine, fine, I get it, I get it. Everyone wants to have sex with Kelly Clarkson. Can we stop now?


  4. Elise  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2007 0

    Kelly Clarkson rocks…Thanks stereogum….

  5. ralph  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2007 0

    OMG I LOVE it!!!
    definite SMASH!

  6. jill  |   Posted on Apr 14th, 2007 0

    I loved Since U Been Gone and pretty much all the singles of Breakaway but this song is terribel. This is a horrible song! Really, really bad.
    Shame on Kelly Clarkson. I thought she would come back with a great song.

  7. jessie  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2007 0

    I agree this is so disappointing her record company should rework this song, I think that she is slipping– trying to be rock with no melody
    it is terrible. If the rest of the songs on the album are this bad why bother

  8. DJ  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2007 0

    Come on you guys. The Dave Aude remix is awesome, and the song ROCKS!!! Yes, its much more rock-edged than her previous stuff, but that’s who Kelly wants to be. This is the first album that is pure her (according to interviews with her.)

    Her first album was 100% American Idol, and her second album was more her, but still kind of “bubblegum” pop. Let’s give her a chance to see if she can succeed with this new sound before we banish her to pop hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Darlene  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    LOVE IT!!! :)

  10. mike  |   Posted on Apr 25th, 2007 0

    c’mon folks….this is no ‘since u been gone’ but it’s nevertheless fricking wonderful. the original is better than the remix but, this remix is one of the most perfect of its kind. whether we like it or not, this song will be unavoidable this summer. so, i guess, learn to like it, haha

  11. Alora  |   Posted on Apr 29th, 2007 0

    this song ROCS!!!! this is like her best 1 yet!! the remix is awsome! i luv 2 hear her sing! she is the best singer that has ever won american idol!

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