New Malajube Video – “Porté Disparu”

And suddenly everything’s coming up Malajube. Between this, and the return of Elvis Perkins (awesome album) and Lily Allen and etc., it’s like ’09 is crushing it at being ’06. That year Trompe L’oiel finally pushed the Francophonic, highly hyphenated progressive-indie-jam-emo Canadians (their words) into the awareness of Americans, or at least those who ran blogspots and/or consumer electronics corporations. They took some time off to work on a new album and continue not speaking in English, and also sprach Labyrinthes. True to name, the album requires some time to map out, but Malajube is at least facilitating the task by making with the sudden rush of listening material: “Porté Disparu” is the LP’s first official vid, sitting right in between the seven-minute “Ursuline” and the two-minute album champ “Hérésie” that we heard earlier today. “Porté” starts with some punchy noir-pop (with later levity), the video has a very stylishly dressed Malajube killed off one at a time before demonstrating how to disappear completely.

This video has various credits that I am not properly equipped to translate, so please enjoy:

Le barbu: Charles Duval
La femme fatale: Larissa Corriveau
La femme forte: Isabèle Jacques
Le colonel: Mario Arcand
Le jockey: Maxime Després
Les membres de Malajube

Réalisateur: Vincent Morisset
Directeur photo: Christophe Collette
Directeur artistique: Jean Babin
Styliste: Renata Moralez
Monteur: David Valiquette
Productrice: Véronique Denis

Labyrinthes is due out 2/19 in Canada via Dare To Care.

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