Properly, Sleigh Bells video for Treats style-treatise “Infinity Guitars” contains each of the following: sweet-faced cheerleaders, smoke, Alexis prowling while waving a baseball bat, sunglasses, guitars on fire, a pit bull. Basically a dissection of their blistering, blown-out pop, its components rendered visually, resulting in the strolling collage that is this clip. Looks how it sounds, sounds about right.

(Via NME/P4K).

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  1. I wish I had a ticket to see them tonight.

  2. this video is hilarious. they couldn’t parody the laughable brooklyn hard-ass hipster stereotype any better if they tried. everything about this band is a joke.

  3. Her lip-syncing doesn’t really match the intensity of the vocals through most of the video.

  4. Not the biggest fan of their music but the singer does well

  5. The lip-synching is awful in it’s intensity. For a song that is so great and full of life (or whatever you want to call it), the video is lifeless and pretentious.

  6. this band sucks. it takes more than a hot chick to sell records in the ‘indie’ department.

    • you’d be surprised how many more records an indie band can sell when there’s a hot chick in it. it’s actually incredibly sad.
      i actually really like the band, but the video leaves me a little disappointed. it doesn’t live up to the song’s “epicness”

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