“Gold Soundz” was not the best song of the ’90s. It wasn’t even Pavement’s best song of the ’90s. (I’ll make that claim without leaving the confines of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, let alone their larger output from the decade.) Whatever the final score, the reunited group chose the track for their performance on Colbert last night. Wonder how it’ll sound with one more guitarist.

Before they did that, there was a discussion between the Stephens:

Previously: Malkmus on FOX News’ Red Eye.

Want more gold sounds? Take a listen to their Williamsburg Waterfront show, available via nyctaper.

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  1. A licky Boom Boom Down

  2. That interview made me waaay uncomfortable.

    • It’s funny, I just read through the comments for the Red Eye article and I said the same thing two years ago. Some things never change, eh?

    • Colbert asked him some relatively easy questions and was just joking around with him for the most part. Stephen probably just doesn’t have any social skills.

  3. Oh man this was such a wonderful surprise last night. The interview bummed me out a little, but the performance shredded. Also, did you know Spiral Stairs is bald under that hat??? :(

  4. In all honesty, yes, Gold Soundz is their best song. And it could POSSIBLY be the best song of the 90′s.

    • This is not true.

      • But Pitchfork says it is…so it must be

        • Even a broken clock is right once in a while. So if Pitchfork says The National is good, I’m automatically supposed to think they’re not?

          Interested in hearing what’s a better Pavement song? Range Life? Cut Your Hair?

          • i’m gonna throw my two cents in for kennel district. but upon a google search of “best pavement songs” it appears that i’m in the minority here.

          • Stereo. It’s a fact, look it up.

          • I think you’re suppose to think whatever you want to think. Yes, I personally think Gold Soundz is their best song, but that’s because I like pop music, above all else. Range Life is also excellent, and so is “Shady Lane” In order words, the less experimental it was (and yet the closer it was to the REM mentality/framework) the more I like it. The National, btw, is a great group, it’s just a shame your tastes are more narrow: good music comes in all shapes and sizes.

    • Father To A Sister Of Thought is not the best song of the 90s but it certainly is Pavement’s greatest achievement in song-writing. http://bit.ly/dBouMC

  5. Awwww shiiittt!

    WHERE’S THE BEEF?: Stereogum throw down w/ … you know, that, uh, other indie music website.

  6. Picking bests is stupid.

  7. Lithium and Smells Like Teen spirit made the Pixies an afterthought(I think the Pixies had 2 of the top 5 albums of the 80′s) and somehow a song like that is called best of anything? Tell you what, I will give you many of their songs that are better:
    1. Trigger Cut
    2. You’re killing Me
    3. Father To a Sister Of A Thought
    4, Everyday, erm, I mean Silence Kit

    Pavement did not make defining statements. They did not make music that was altering in that paticular song. ok. They were still GREAT. To call any song they did the “best” is beyond stupid. Oh wait, it’s Pitchfork. I bet it was the same guys I hated in the 1980′s and early 90′s who told me that Sonic Youth did not know how to play guitar and that Sebadoh sucked.

    • Love Trigger Cut and Father and Silence Kit. Maybe you should have done the list.

    • WRONG! Gold Soundz is indeed their best song! And the best song of the 90′s. Its not even really controversial. I mean you could say Silence Kit or Trigger Cut are your favorite Pavement songs. But they are by no means better than gold soundz. Not even close. The only song I would say could possibly be called better would be Pueblo, but even that is pushing it. Now Protect Ya Neck being the best Wu tang song. Now that is just crazy!

    • My favorite’s probably “In The Mouth of a Desert” with “Summer Babe” a close second.

  8. thought the interview was fine, funny and meandering like a good Malkmus moment. So Stark is my favorite tune.

  9. I know I’m in the minority, but I enjoy the pop perfection Terror Twilight over anything else Malkmus ever recorded. It’s all good stuff but I tend to stray from the noisy, zanier side of Pavement.

  10. I actually became a member of this group to post to this thread; Am I the only minority here kinda outraged that “Gold Soundz” is said to be more artistically and culturally relevant then “Paranoid Android” “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “One”? That pitchfork anointing of a pavement song was one outrage too many that stacked the decks against pitchfork once again in my eyes. I don’t get this hipster indie cred b/s thing, but it really chaps my buns to see this decent but not groundbreaking track eclipse some truly eternal works of art…grrrrrrrrr…..Oh ya, if some of you disagree to my post then as new member of the board here, you’re not my friends;)

  11. Pitchfork’s list is pretty messed up, and one of the reasons why is because they only did one song per band. So they basically just picked their favorite 90′s bands, ranked ‘em, then pinned a song to their name. And yeah, even if Pavement is your favorite 90′s band (they’re mine), it’s hard to find one song of theirs you can confidently say is the best of the decade.

    Strange epilogue: Gold Soundz actually was my favorite Pavement song for a while. I can remember listening to it while biking around at sunrise, in August, but not drunk. It was very teenage-romantic. Now it’s Range Life. Has been for a while.

  12. I’m not very qualified to comment on Pavement-related topics, but just based on what i’ve heard from them (which isn’t a lot unfortunately), I wouldn’t even put Gold Soundz in their top 5. Date With IKEA? Stereo? Range Life? Cut Your Hair? all better songs.

    Also, i’m gonna throw my hat in for Buddy Holly as one of the 90′s best songs. Seriously, just complete and utter pop perfection.

  13. Pitchfork gave Coldplay’s Viva La Shitta a 6.7 and Bloc Party’s Weekend in the Shitty a 7.5…both scored higher than the 6.6 they gave Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born.
    Pitchfork’s reviews/lists have little rhyme or reason…they don’t even review some of the best records out there and spend time reviewing ones they know will not be good.

  14. Can someone please tell me why Pavement is so cherished among listeners? To me its just ordinary
    “indie” stuff that isn’t all that BAD but isn’t very good or engaging either.

    • hell’s ya:) can’t be emphasized more clearly or strongly then that

    • I can agree with this sentiment if you compare them to what is out now.

      Were you listening to “indie” stuff in the early 90′s? Compared to what else was out there at the time, Pavement was pretty rad. The fact that they sound like so many other bands NOW is a testament to their influence.

  15. Finally somebody says it! Gold Soundz is OK, but it is not their hands-down best song. A matter of taste, of course.

  16. My pick for best songs of the 90′s:

    1. Smells Like Teen Spirit/Nirvana
    2. Paranoid Android/Radiohead
    3. 1979/The Smashing Pumpkins
    4. Hurt/Nine Inch Nails
    5. Loser/Beck
    6. Black/Pearl Jam
    7. Doll Parts/Hole
    8. Buddy Holly/Weezer
    9. Man on the Moon/R.E.M.
    10. “Gold Soundz”/Pavement…haha..yeah right…no, number ten is :Karma Police by Radiohead.They deserve double billing:)
    My picks are fairly and unequivocally uncontested as best of the 90s..I like to think my list would have served as a much better cherry picker of the 90s then Pitchfork’s “elite” top 10. Some of their picks were in good taste, but the Pavement thing at number 1…wow…such a crock. Pitchfork seems to favor indie savvy and hipster-consciousness more then heartfelt and emotive art…which is NOT what music should ideally reflect.So I hope my list makes sense to someone else’s taste or I-Pod;)

    • Commercially maybe, but like brock said picking bests is stupid.

      In things like music anyways, and any art actually.

  17. Seriously, thought, Pavement sux. You guyz agree, right?

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