You can say anything you want on Dutch TV! And so Tori does, tackling pop tarts stumbling out of SUVs with with too much to show, and pooping on her Manolo Blahniks, all while sounding like your kooky high school English teacher.

Incidentally, this woman is one Y Kant Tori Read and a summer long acid trip from being Tori Amos.

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  1. jed2  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    Never a big fan of her stuff but that woman is awesome. And 100% correct, in my mind.

  2. Ron  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0


  3. yeah, Tori is right about these would-be starlets running around w/o undies, but she has to go and silly it up with this “man. e-man. e- your yoni- a man, his fist up your yoni!” stuff.

  4. jjs  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    At first, I didn’t understand what she was talking about because you never hear the word “yoni” for that. It’s not the most popular bit of slang. So I thought she had just temporarily gone nutter.
    Which was funny.

  5. GG  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    She reminds me of Yoni Mitchell

  6. just sayin  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    has she had some work done?
    i’m no professional, just sayin….

  7. tngregory  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    um, when did tori start looking like shirley maclaine?

  8. seth  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    tori amos reminds me of professor trelawney

  9. Elliot  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    Did she just refer to a vagina as Yanni?

    Seriously though, she sounds like a really bad psychologist that’s more interested in talking about herself.

  10. Y my Yoni cant read  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2007 0

    But the question that remains is – Can she fit HER own 12 inck cock up her Yoni?
    This is where the work begins.

    P. S.
    She looks like Betsy Johnson with that blond banged wig- It’s all just a very poor imitation of Ann Magnuson – she should ask her about the power of pussy

  11. Y thanx tori  |   Posted on Dec 16th, 2007 0

    Thanks for the life lesson Tori,
    I personally feel honoured to have your wisdom bestowed upon myself.

    Why do self-styled liberals come across as so patronising?

  12. hotty  |   Posted on Apr 16th, 2008 0

    Shut up everyone of you!

  13. sataneatsfree  |   Posted on Oct 3rd, 2008 0

    i like her, but fucking lord god! that bitch crazy

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