Here’s Mr. Bright Eyes dishing with Guitar World Acoustic (yes, we’re dorks) about the Saddle Creek Manicure.

CONOR OBERST: Sierra Casady a guitar player with CocoRosie, a very cool band I toured with a while back, taught me a trick … I go to a salon and have the nails put on professionally, and then I file them down real short. What I end up with is basically like having a pick on every finger … What makes it even nicer is that you can paint a little design on the nails if you want to — like perhaps some Japanese or Chinese letters.

See? CocoRosie is good for something after all. As for the Japanese or Chinese letters — as long as he realizes they’re not the same.

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  1. So what happens when the nails snap? And isn’t that a little on the feminine side? Yick! I can’t stand it when guys have nails like women. That’s just weird. But who am I to say?

  2. Ron  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    I guess this was the next logical step. Hair metal bands had make up, emo rock bands have eyeliner, and Conor has a french manicure.

  3. My mother’s a nail technician. She used to have a few male classical guitar players come in and get acrylic nails put on one hand for this very purpose. It’s not that uncommon.

  4. jed2  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    Wait, isn’t Kanji one of the “alphabets” used in both Chinese and Japanese writing? I believe it is.

  5. It is more common for classical guitar players.

    Jed, stop ruining my punchlines.

  6. janea  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    kinda creepy

  7. Lindsey Buckingham has been doing this for years.

  8. Jimmy James  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    Maybe he’s also discovered the wheel. Seriously, did anyone not know this trick?

  9. dannygutters  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    Yeah some guitarists have creepy long coke nails. Better than a pick tho.

    And for the record, Japan has 3 “sets of letters”, (4 if you count romanized versions), 1 of which is shared with china’s, tho they are not gramatically interchangable. So you’re both right.

  10. He also talked about this in a kexp session about a year or two ago. Old news in two ways.

    Why cant you guys be bigger fanboys, jeez

  11. Caught the first show of the Bright Eyes tour last night in Milwaukee – total train wreak. He was fucked up – BIG TIME.

    I posted a few details on my site, but I could have went of FOREVER!

  12. Jay  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    Conor Oberst figures out what classical and fingerpicking guitarists have been doing for generations. Which suggests that, indeed, indie musicians do not speak to anyone but other indie musicians.

  13. Matt  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2007 0

    I’d still do him.

  14. jed2  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2007 0

    Well, a lot of indie musicians are pretty primitive musicians, so it’s not shocking what one wouldn’t know.

    Scott- sorry, I must speak the truth.

    Yeah, of course they’re not grammatically interelated, Japanese is completely unrelated to any langauge in the world. That’s what linguistic anthropology says, anyway.

  15. Does anyone happen to have the setlist from the April 23, Chicago show?

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