The Octopus Project - Hexadecagon

“Fuguefat” is the opening track from Hexadecagon, the Octopus Project’s followup to last year’s The Golden Beds EP. Like many things these days, it was inspired by (the highly inspirational) Terry Riley and Steve Reich. We’re told the band built “a custom eight-channel audio, eight-screen video integrated surround system” to bring it to fruition, writing it for that system alongside video footage by Austin-based digital artist Wiley Wiggins (note the above album art). There’s more: “For their live debut, they arranged 8 speakers in a circle around the audience with the band at the center, accompanied by 8 synchronized video projections…” Do the math while you listen to “Fuguefat.” It includes 40+ interwoven piano parts and conjures a more rock ’n’ roll version of those aforementioned minimalists.

01 “Fuguefat”
02 “Korakrit”
03 “A Phantasy”
04 “Circling”
05 “Toneloop”
06 “Glass Jungle”
07 “Hallucinists”
08 “Catalog”

Hexadecagon is out 10/26 via Peek-A-Boo.

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  1. I love these guys! I can’t wait to hear the album and see them live in the future. Hopefully I can get my shoe signed by Yvonne like my friend did at ACL or I might steal his shoes.

  2. amazing and genuine band

  3. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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