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  • Jorge Garcia and Weezer @ Dunes Inn, Hollywood 9/21/10
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Jorge Garcia and Weezer

The apotheosis of this Weezer/Hurley love affair, at least as relates to its properly acknowledged and benign origin, came Tuesday night at an Axe party at Dunes Inn in Hollywood. (The logical conclusion of the hedged and hem-hawed Weezer/Hurly love affair is this gallery of clothing photos.) Jorge Garcia jumped onstage and traded some lines with Rivers on “Perfect Situation.” In fact we can say he sang with Weezer, because it turns out Hurley can, in fact, sing, brotha. And it turns out he can remain lovable despite being ostensibly out of his element, although I guess that won’t come as any surprise to LOST fans since the Hurley character is built on being endlessly lovable despite being perpetually out of his element. Very method, Jorge Garcia.

Video of that below, as well as the first confirmed dates of the Blinkerton trek (officially titled the “Memories Tour” because Weezer know their ABCs — Always Be Cross-promoting)

(via We All Want Someone)

My Chemical Romance was on hand too, joining Weezer on “My Name Is Jonas.” And at least one Kardashian was spotted in the audience.

Hurley is out via Epitaph.

And via, here are the first two Memories Tour dates (“in which each city on the tour gets 2 nights of shows: a complete Blue Album set + greatest hits set, and a complete Pinkerton set + Greatest Hits set!”):

November 26 & 27
Los Angeles, CA
Gibson Amphitheatre
I Love All Access VIP Package Early On Sale: Fri Sept 24 at 1:00pm – links on Friday!
American Express Early On Sale: Sat Sept 25 – Thurs Sept 30
Public On Sale: Fri Oct 1

November 29 & 30
San Francisco, CA
Nob Hill Masonic Center
I Love All Access VIP Package Early On Sale: Fri Sept 24 at 1:00pm – links on Friday!
American Express Early On Sale: Sat Sept 25 – Sat Oct 2
Public On Sale: Sun Oct

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  1. There are so many things RIGHT with this, I almost can’t comprehend how right it is!

  2. Leave it to Stereogum to make me like something that involves Weezer!

  3. Why does Weezer insist on making it really difficult for me to like them. Axe AND My Chemical Romance in one show? It doesn’t get much worse than that.

  4. Haha, Rivers looks so startled. Admittedly, Hurley looks pretty frightening as he’s singing, so I might have the same reaction.

  5. thanks for using my videos! :)

  6. Weezer is like LOST in that the terrible final act ruined the previously enjoyable beginning.

  7. is it me or does my chemical romance dude look like James Iha and Billy Corgan morphed?

  8. Going to see Weezer only to have My Chemical Romance sing My Name is Jonas sounds like a nightmare I’ve had.

  9. Tokyo Police Club is also covering My Name is Jonas on their tour right now. Tokyo Police Club > My Chemical Romance.

    I Mean

  11. Hurley is awesome…he looks like he’s having the time of his life.

  12. Perfect Situation is such an underrated weezer classic. just about as good as anything they have done before it, despite how much people like to shit on that album.

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