Norwegian TV show Lydverket did an interview with Phil Collins, prefaced by interview clips with Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo, Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller, and Yeasayer’s Anand Wilder talking about their love for Genesis and Collins. Watch:

(via P4K)

Is this a trend? Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara appears in this month’s Under The Radar, where she talks about her adolescent love of Phil Collins. “I tried to sing ’Groovy Kind of Love,’ and I remember looks of horror on people’s faces,” she says of one Collins karaoke attempt. Of course Genesis/Collins love is kind of a mini-trend around here (not sure if the love is mutual though). Recall, if you will, Scott serenading Ben Gibbard with some Collins, as well as the first edition of Exposure, a conversation between Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo and Peter Gabriel, with Amrit moderating:

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  1. haha no offense to these indie bands, but they don’t have shit on Phil, Peter, or even Sting.
    Those guys can keep dreaming if they are expecting to be as famous as Phil Collings. Phil was going at it when those guys were even born, so they should just put a sock in it.

  2. So bummed he’s retiring. Here’s this weekend’s NYTimes Mag Q&A btw

  3. I am going to copy and paste an email I sent to Amrit in December of 2008:

    “This is going to seem totally random, but I figure if there’s anybody I should tell who will certainly end up seeing this come to fruitiion it’s you, but I have a prediction: my prediction is that sometime in the near future, Phil Collins/Phil Collins-era Genesis will be the next hipster touchstone ala Bruce Springsteen, Paul SImon’s Graceland, etc.

    Mark my words. I dunno if it’ll be the next trend, but it’s coming. And let me say now, pre-”It’s Cool To Like Phil Collins,” that I really really like Phil Collins. So when it all goes down you can say “Alex emailed me about this like a year and a half ago. Weird!”

  4. “You like Phil Collins?”

    “I’ve got two ears and a heart, don’t I?”

  5. This is definitely the Spinal Tap of 2010′s indie Rock.

  6. Honestly, I mostly only like Phil Collins on the Tarzan soundtrack.

  7. I had a typical Williamsburg hipster friend who was hard into Collins-era Genesis while making music with his Ex Models-influenced band, so to me, I felt like the trend already happened.

  8. I had no idea about the far reach of Mr. Collins until seeing that he played at both Live Aid concerts back in the 80s. To fly across the ocean just to play music in two different countries on the same day, that is real power my friends, a power that I don’t think any of us will comprehend, let alone be able to handle.

    Much love for not turning that power into a cruel world domination plot, Phil.

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