Arcade Fire were the stars of the Terry Gilliam-directed first installment of American Express, VEVO, and YouTube’s five-part UNSTAGED series. They show up in this new edition, too, via John Legend & The Roots’ cover of “Wake Up.” It took place at Terminal 5, NYC. Spike Lee directed.

Watch more of the set at YouTube.

And here it is for your Zune:

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  1. Directed by Spike Lee, eh? That explains the racial undertones.

  2. Man, I am so excited to see them at House of Blues Chicago in February… it’s going to be INSANE.

  3. the irony is, by making a soul cover this song has lost all it’s soul!

  4. I believe you meant ‘faux soul’ plumsoul :)

    John Legend? maybe in his own world.

  5. I think it’s awful

  6. It’s absolute garbage. Whether you want to call it a soul cover or whatever else you like, it’s tarnished the original.

  7. I couldn’t get the download to work.

  8. Is Chief Houserocker good or does he suck?

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