A man fights off an antagonistic shark that likes to fight dirty and watch you have sex (also dirty) in this video for Local Natives’s “Wide Eyes.” We brought you the Teen Daze remix a few months back, too.

Gorilla Manor is out via Frenchkiss.

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  1. I feel like this video doesn’t have any relation to the song. Almost like the director had this great idea for a music video that he had been waiting to try out, and figured this song was as good as any other. I mean the video doesn’t have to depict the lyrics or anything, but this song has some weight to it, whereas the video is just…ridiculous.
    my opinion.

  2. Very cool funny, video and it got really dark towards the end. Even though the Shark doesn’t fit the lyrics I felt like metaphorically it did

  3. What a great band, I recently got a chance to do a podcast interview with Ryan Hahn from Local Natives and had a great casual conversation with him about the band. Feel free to check it out at http://sockmonkeysound.com/

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