The Velvet Underground

Hey, what are members of the Velvet Underground up to? Lots, apparently:

John Cale played all of his 1973 album, Paris 1919 at UCLA’s Royce Hall with his band and the UCLA Philharmonia last Thursday. After an intermission, Cale returned to play a mix of his own songs and re-interpreted covers with special guests Ben Gibbard and Mark Lanegan.

Lou Reed will join Gorillaz onstage when they play Madison Square Garden on 10/8. Reed did “Some Kind Of Nature” with the band at Glastonbury Festival, so this’ll be his second appearance with the band, and his only one this tour. Mos Def, Little Dragon, De La Soul, Bobby Womack, and Miho Hatori will appear at the MSG show and a few more.

Finally, if you watch the news on WALB, the local NBC affiliate for southwestern Georgia, you might’ve caught an interview with Tea Partier Maureen Tucker, who tells the camera that she’s tired of how the country is being led toward socialism. (The broadcast is a few months old, but has been making the rounds only recently.) Maureen Tucker is better known as Moe Tucker, the drummer for the Velvet Underground, who moved to Georgia to raise her family. She joins the small list of right-leaning musicians like Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Meatloaf, and Kid Rock. Watch her interview on WALB (starts at 2:40):

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  1. It’s at times like this when I feel really sorry for Doug Yule.

  2. As much as I don’t understand the recent trend of artists playing and/or touring behind complete albums from years past (are albums symphonies now, do they really need to be preserved so faithfully?), I will gleefully contradict myself and state that I would love to hear Paris 1919 done with a full orchestra. Especially the title track.

    And now that Moe Tucker has been outed as a Tea Partier, will we finally get that dream collaboration with Sammy Hagar?! I’ve always thought I Can’t Drive 55 would benefit from some chugging minimalist tribal drums.

  3. ObamaCare will lead to medical rationing. Lady Godiva will have to wait in line for her operation.

    • But if the government scales back and stops regulating everything, allowing the USPS to loosen its restrictions on human cargo, Waldo Jeffers might finally be able to mail himself to his beloved. And really, a plan like that can only end well.

  4. Has it been established beyond doubt that the Tea Bagger in the video is, in fact, Moe Tucker, ex-VU?

  5. I love that Moe Tucker is finally getting some press! It’s a shame that it took joining some wacky right-wing political movement to get people to remember her again. She’s an amazing drummer, though. She played drums on and produced my 1999 album THE LIVES OF CHARLES DOUGLAS (which got reissued by Broken Horse/Southern Records this year). It’s one of the last albums she ever worked on. I thought she was really cool, and eccentric (in a good way), and I’m amused to see people freaking out over the fact she’s a tea bagging republican, haha! I don’t agree with any of her political views, but I think it’s awesome that she’s expressing them (and can get this much attention from thee hipsters even though she’s in her late-60′s). Girl power right-wing old person style?

  6. P.S oh yeah that’s definitely her (it’s her face, voice, and she lives near there)

  7. if you close the door the bush administration could last forever

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