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A couple of months ago I “tweeted” about woe’s excellent Quietly, Undramatically “sound[ing] like what black metal from Philly should sound like,” i.e. rough, dirty, dangerous, ballsy, no-bullshit. (It’s where I’ve been saying USBM should go for years. And remember Blake Judd’s comment that folks selling crack in Chicago are scarier than Gaahl.) I was a big fan of woe’s debut A Spell For The Death of Man and its eerie, chaotic post-hardcore dynamic. On Quietly, onetime loner Chris Grigg has assembled a full road-tested band featuring members of Absu, Woods of Ypres, the Green Evening Requiem, Infernal Stronghold, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder: It results in a denser, heavier, stronger, more chaotically reigned, aggressive sound. When woe was in town to open for Alcest a few months ago, Grigg spoke to me in passing about some contemporary black metal that’s ambitious in its genre-straddling instrumentation, but lacks imagination or difference in the vocals. I doubt he even remembers, but it stuck with me when I went back to Quietly, Undramatically, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to introduce you to the collection via its title track. Also because it kicks ass.

01 “No Solitude”
02 “The Road From Recovery”
03 “Quietly, Undramatically”
04 “A Treatise On Control”
05 “Without Logic”
06 “Full Circle”
07 “Hatred Is Our Heart”

Quietly, Undramatically is out 10/12 via Candlelight. Listen to “A Treatise On Control,” the song that follows “Quietly…,” at MetalSucks. I’ve done a couple of shows with woe in the past, but am probably most excited about their upcoming Mischief Night performance with labelmates Krieg at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. (As mentioned, Krieg’s The Isolationist is his strongest to date and he and Grigg are friends, collaborators, allies, etc.) The details again: Fred from BrooklynVegan and I are opening doors at 11:59 on Saturday, 10/30. If you’re already at the Knitting Factory for the earlier A.G.E./Hellshock show, you can stick around and watch Krieg and woe for $2. If you’ve been at home doing shots of absinthe all night, can only make it to the club for Krieg and woe, the show will cost you $5. Purchase advance tickets at ticketfly.com.

woe Promo Photo 2010

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  1. “rough, dirty, dangerous, ballsy, no-bullshit” are all things I get from the first Woe album. This in comparison is less chaoticly blistering and actually sounds pretty clean. I guess you could say it’s ballsy because soft interludes arnt the most metal thing ever, but this from music that’s being promoted as “rough, dirty, and dangerous”? doesn’t that conflict with the no-bullshit policy?

    I don’t know. I LOVE Woe’s first album and if they want to make an album that sounds all soaring and emo that’s fine with me, but this is like some matrix vs matrix reloaded kind of shit. I think “Quietly, Melodramatically” would have been a more accurate album title.

  2. “folks selling crack are scarier than Ghaal”

    is that an insect warfare shirt?

  3. I fucking luv this and cant wait to buy it.

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