New The Boy Least Likely To Video – “Every Goliath Has Its David” (Stereogum Premiere)

For their last video, Pete and Jof went on location in Scotland, combing beaches, hitchhiking, walking over bridges and past cows all in pursuit of the first snowflake and blowing their entire video budget for their forthcoming LP. And so we have “Every Goliath Has Its David,” which features the duo on a white set with little other than their dance moves (Jof), assorted instruments (Pete), cupcakes, and good humour. The vid proves you don’t need props or backdrops when you’re this likable, or when an uninvited violin-toting butler crashes the set, because hijinx invariably ensue.

Good song, cute dudes. Law Of The Playground is out in March via in the UK and +1 in the States. More on what to expect from the record in this Progress Report.