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@Gorillazband released a new, previously unheard single today via Twitter. It’scalled “Doncamatic,” and Zane Lowe played it on his radio show earlier today too. Rising Manchester singer/songwriter Daley does vocals. It’s got a different feel from a lot of Plastic Beach. Probably why it didn’t appear on the album:

(via abeano)

“Doncamatic (All Played Out)” will be out in the U.K. 11/22. As we mentioned before, the band are on a U.S. tour, with Lou Reed appearing at their Madison Square Garden show.

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  1. That picture is so un-Jamie Hewlett that it bugs me.

  2. yeah what’s the deal with the crappy fan art picture…?

  3. When am I going to stop loving all things Plastic Beach? When am I going to stop doing silly little dances whenever I hear a song from the album? When will I stop giggling when I see Mick Jones doing a little shimmy in the live clips? When will a cartoon band/collective run out of steam and stop putting out such great music?!

  4. I don’t dig the crappy poster here, but the song is great.
    One question though? Why are they waiting so long to release a single?
    If you can find it online, then why isn’t it on iTunes yet?

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