Born Ruffians PR 2010

This track, from Born Ruffians’ new tour and digital EP, features Tokyo Police Club’s Dave Monks, for what must have been the most polite and self-effacing recording session of all time. It sounds like a good mix of the two songwriters’s talents, with Ruffians’s sparse bass and drums accompanying Monks’s opening verse, before they trade places. The seeds of another Canadian supergroup are in this, I think:

Plinky Plonk EP is out now on Born Ruffians’s tour, and out digitally 11/15 via Warp.

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  1. Um, this is a Tokyo Police Club song. It’s called “First Date Kit”.
    It was a bonus track at the end of their latest album. You got the song as a download if you subscribe to their emails. Just thought everyone should know that.

    • I fixed the title. For Tokyo Police Club it was “Feat. Luke LaLonde,” Warp Records has the reverse. Says Warp: “‘First Date Kid’ is the new track from Born Ruffians off the “Plinky Plonk EP”. The track is a collaboration between Born Ruffians’ Luke LaLonde and Tokyo Police Club’s David Monks.The EP is available now on tour, and by digital download on November 15th 2010.”

    • Mr. Fierce is definitely correct. It was released as a b-side downloadable if you pre-ordered Champ and is most definitely entitled “First Date Kit” according to that release (which doesn’t even mention the Born Ruffians)

  2. Saw these guys live w/ Franz Ferdidand in 2009. I dunno if they’re bad live or just bad but they are intolerable to listen to. Props to the drummer for giving some kickass energy to the set though.

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