Memoryhouse Yours Truly

Memoryhouse did a session for, and they played a new song as part of this warm, well-filmed set. “Pale Blue” won’t be on their upcoming Suicide Squeeze single, but watching/listening to this clip is a soothing experience on its own. The watery blue and purple projections onto and behind the band, as well as the small audience’s hushed silence, help a lot, too.

And here, as the headline promises, is their gentle take “When You Sleep”:

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  1. I’m generally skeptical of any My Bloody Valentine cover, but they did a nice job. At the very least it shows the strength of the songs beneath Loveless’s swooning layers.

  2. this cover is BS.
    it feels like she’s singing at a karaoke.

    i absolutely hate how her voice is so clear, totally ruins the dreaminess of the song…
    and they should know better, they are a freaking dreampop band…

    that is not to say i don’t love memoryhouse.
    the years EP was absolute gem.

    • I think this is a nice reinterpretation of a really hard to cover song. The fact that the voice stands out, with a piano and a guitar on the back for me clearly states that they didn’t want to be a “cover” band for the song.

      • its that they didn’t try to be MBV, they simply paid an omage to a great song, by a great band. to attemt to sound as MBV is just a bad cover band. completely blew me away, ♥MBV and hear this cover so low key and straight forward just reitterates the genius of Kevens guitar

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