Panda Bear - "You Can Count On Me" 7" Art

The next in the series of singles Noah Lennox will release in the wind up for his forthcoming Tomboy LP is “You Can Count On Me” b/w “Alsatian Darn,” (sold) out on 10/19 via Domino. Amazon’s buy link has a snippet preview of both sides of the 7″, and both sides will come as a welcome respite for those dreading hearing/turned off by the “drony trance grooves punctuated by atonal yelps, yodels, and the occasional wounded whale noise” that’s characterized most of what Panda’s shown off so far. As for “Alsatian Darn,” it’s not the bleak gloomy monochordal King Tubby sampler that popped up in live form but something quite different and considerably more melodic and lively, instead. Hear ’em both over at Amazon.

UPDATE: Full streams of vinyl rips are now here:

“You Can Count On Me”

“Alsatian Darn”

Don’t forget “Tomboy” b/w “Slow Motion.” LP’s due out sometime, in the future.

(via Collected Animals via GvsB).

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  1. From the previews, I already like this a lot better than the Tomboy/Slow Motion release..can’t wait to hear the full versions.

  2. I was very wary of the upcoming Tomboy release from the previews I heard earlier, “Slow Motion” and “Tomboy”. But the past couple have given me a little more hope and I’m looking forward to it now.

  3. Where was I when the Domino preorder went on?

    I ended up preordering it from the UK Domino website.

    Sounds really good though! Better sounding than Tomboy/Slow Motion..

  4. so excited to hear the whole thing! the live version of “You Can Count On Me” has been my favorite of all the bootlegs and it sounds totally different here, all fleshed out, as opposed to how minimal it was live. such a beautiful melody in that song.
    the production on these two sounds way different than Tomboy/Slow Motion, and since this whole album really is a work-in-progress, i have no doubt that those songs will have an updated sound when the actual album is released (if they’re on it, that is).

  5. Well i loved Slow Motion, but yeah these snippets are pretty insane… I have a feeling every single is going to be better than the next. A very good day indeed. Though it does trouble me that so many more SG readers are more interested in Kings Of Leon than this. Weird. Who are these people and what types of food do they eat?

  6. woah. after the tomboy/slow motion single and seeing panda live at pitchfork I had pretty much written off the new album completely. But these two songs… damn. the king is back.

  7. Bing is killing it with the pandas! Go Bing!

  8. i don’t really understand people not liking his recent live performances… i saw him last month in pdx and the whole set was surprisingly danceable – not boring at all. maybe he’s been shifting in that sort of direction since he started playing this new material??

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