Al Pacino Will Play Phil Spector

It’s true, the NY Times Arts Beat blog reports the legendary producer/wig owner/murderer Phil Spector is having a film made about his life, presumably about his legendary producing/wig owning/murdering, to be written by David Mamet for HBO Films and starring the one and only Al Pacino. This is going to be great. As you can see from Al’s gray-haired look as Dr. Jack Kavorkian above for the docudrama You Don’t Know Jack, Pacino can easily cop the aged resignation of real life social pariahs just fine. Since it’s still the early stages of production, though, they still don’t have a title. Let’s come up with one? If you need some facts upon which to base your film title pitches: Dude’s a ground-breaking genius, who is also serving a 19 years-to-life sentence for the murder of Lana Clarkson. Pretty standard. Cool so here are a couple to start:

  • You’ve Lost That Living Feeling: The Story Of How Phil Spector Is A Murderer
  • If You See Me Holding A Gun, Da Doo Ron Ron: The Story Of Phil Spector

Best submission wins the right to brag about it.

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  1. He hit me and it felt like a kiss – the title of a Crystals song
    I win!

  2. Little Sympathy for the Kid.

    (You might recall that Spector referred to his productions as “Little symphonies for the kids.)

  3. Girls Can Tell (That You’re Wearing A Wig)

  4. Not Too Young To Get 19-to-Life

    He’s A Rebel (actually, I’ll bet dollars to donuts this is at least part of the real title)

    (Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry, Who Will Also Keep Me Locked In The House With Him Under Threat Of Murder: The Phil and Ronnie Spector Story.

  5. Brains to the wall of sound.

  6. To Know Know Know Him Is To La La Loathe Him

  7. Wigging Out

  8. So is this Phil Spector movie gonna have 10 different actors playing each part, saying all their lines in unison?

    Also one more terrible song-title-movie-title:
    River Deep – Mountain High – Mansion Empty – Jailcell Small – The Phil Spector Journey

  9. Imagine just once in your life losing that loving feeling: The Phil Spector Story

  10. Gold Coffin, Glass Top – The Phil Spector Story

  11. Let it Be Murder.

  12. Be My Baby, or I Will Kill You

  13. Spector? I hardly know her! HOOWAH!

  14. You’ve Lost That Livin’ Feeling

  15. Scaryface

    (Also, what IS this place? Hello? WHERE’S GABE???)

  16. A Ladies’ Man of Death

  17. How about call the movie “Ladies’ Man” and music from that weird Leonard Cohen album he produced could be in the trailer.

  18. Every Breath I Take (From You)

  19. Scent of A Dead Woman

  20. (Today I Met) The Girl I’m Going to Murder

    Then He Killed Me

  21. Unhinged Melody

  22. The Fucking Wall of Fucking Sound

  23. Zip-a-DEAD-doo-dah

  24. GlenGarry Glen Ronettes

  25. Scent of a Woman (That I Just Shot in My House)

  26. Well it certainly took you all long enough to get here!

  27. River Deep, Mountain Die


  28. also

    Her Body Wrapped in Plastic Ono Band

  29. I Might Still be Somewhere Between Here and There

  30. Dead Pan Alley: The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector

  31. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

  32. …And Justice for All (Except Lana Clarkson)

  33. Wall of Screams

  34. I could have loved you so well if i didn’t kill you so well.

  35. If these walls of sound could talk.

  36. Not-so Instant Karma

    Philled with Lead

  37. Yoko One and the Plastic Crypto Gram.

  38. “Bitch Had It Comin’: the Spektor Legacy”

  39. “The Gun Did It!”

    “Gone With The Wig”

    “The Story Of A Wimpy-Snappy, Wiggy-Nappy, Trigger-Happy Little Man”

    “Is This Thing Loaded?”

    “Wall Of (Body) Found”

    “Dr. Strangewig or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Life Sentence”

  40. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home or I’ll Put The Barrel of This Gun in Your Mouth and Blow the Back of Your Skull Against My Fireplace)

  41. To Know Him is to Love Him is to Be Extremely Afraid of Him

    Why Do Fools Fall in Love with Phil Spector?

    When He Danced, He Held Me Tight and When He Walked Me Home That Night, All the Stars Were Shining Bright and Then He Killed Me

    Unchained Melody, Unchained Maniac

  42. Murder is definitely my favorite sin

  43. Gun didn’t know I was Loaded

    He Killed Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)

    (The Best Part) of Crackin’ Up

    Is this what I get for Loving You?

    I Wish I never Saw the Sun Shine

  44. Number One With A Bullet

  45. jakejaxx  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2010 0

    One False Move

  46. Some witty stuff here. rcb’s “Number One With A Bullet” takes the cake.

  47. Grim Spector

  48. In all seriousness, the snarky jokes attached to this “news” story were so offensive and sensationalist that I had to allow you to have my propitiatory facebook information to tell you how ignorant you chumps are.

    Considering you’re some sort of “blog” that basically runs advertisements as news story on a daily basis you could have some respect for genuinely the most talented music maker of the prior era; especially considering your coverage focuses heavily on bands that are directly contrived from social and scientific notions from the person you’re mocking.

    Regardless of what they call the Phil Spector Story I know what they’ll call the Stereogum movie.
    from the creators of Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, & Kourtney Kardashian’s Websites
    The Stereogum Story: How Reverb Went to Cool, Then to Uncool Then to Cool Again

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