Liz Phair Does Banana Republic Ad

Not a big surprise. The only thing Liz Phair won’t do at this point is make vital music. But like Estelle’s Crystal Lite hookup, this goes beyond a single advertisement toward some sort of bigger lifestyle affiliation. Liz’s contribution is part of the “Banana Republic City Stories” series, so we get to hear her talk about the different emotions evoked by travel, that she’s written songs while traveling, etc. She feels free to be a rock ‘n’ roll star and a mom in L.A. She loves that New York is “an apex of culture.” She loves London’s mix of the old and the new, but — knowing smile — is, well, just into Paris’s aesthetics. She also loves radio — not satellite — and feeling comfortable. Exile In Snoreville.

Because she mentions putting her hands in her pockets in the lyrics, they also offer the chance to download Exile In Guyville’s “Never Said” for free over at this iTunes/Banana Republic page. It’s now part of a Banana Republic compilation that’s free with any BR purchase from now until 2/26. Phair’s official Banana Republic page is here. The other musicians taking part in “Banana Republic City Stories” include Dashboard Confessional and OK Go. These are all very riveting stories.