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In addition to her DJ skills, Current 93 collaborations, and various acting roles from porn to Soderbergh to The Entourage, Sasha Grey makes her own music (voice, synth, tape loops, guitar) with Pablo St. Francis (voice, bass, drums, dulcimer, tape loops), Anthony Djuan (voice, words, synth, tape loops), and multi-instrumentalist Ian C as electro-industrial troupe aTelecine. (Full disclosure: Sasha and I are friends, have worked together on a few projects, etc.) The group’s new full-length A Cassette Tape Culture is out in early November via Pendu Sound, following the aVigillant Carpark 7″ EP released by the same label. (They’ve also released the now sold-out …And Six Dark Hours Pass via Dais.) aTelecine create dark, warping soundscapes that gurgle and drift and occasionally explode and that you might expect if you know about Grey’s interest in Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Sunn O))), black metal, NWW, Navicon Torture Technologies, C93, Lustmord, Einstürzende Neubauten, Earth, etc. Sometimes it’s quiet, other times it hits the red — which is why it makes the most sense to introduce you to it via favorites “It’s All Write” and “I Came I Sat I Departed.”

A Cassette:

side Y:
01 “Find Nothing Else”
02 “Chroeg Xen”
03 “It’s All Write”
04 “She Is Beautiful”
05 “Kitchen Light”
06 “A Cassette Played”

side Z:
07 “Auon (Live Ver)
08 “Some What Daft”
09 “Elijah’s New Sun”
10 “I Came I Sat I Departed”
11 “RH”
12 “Never Was A Dreamer”

A Cassette Tape Culture is out in an edition of 500 LPs on 11/2 via Pendu Sound Recordings. You can also try tracking down a smaller edition on cassette. Hopefully they play live one of these days.

aTelecine Promo Photo 2010

Comments (3)
  1. These songs are really testing my gag reflexes.

  2. Each song could have been condensed to 15 second clips. I couldn’t even get myself to listen to the songs completely, but skip in 30 minute intervals.

  3. I guess Sasha is pretty much Milla 2010.

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