Pixies 33 Songs For 33 Miners

The Pixies played Teatro La Cupula in Santiago, Chile the same day the 33 trapped miners were pulled to safety 69 days later. As a tribute, the band performed a 33-song set, their longest to date. Check out the playlist after watching Black Francis’s introduction (which is more interesting if you know Spanish).

(Via The Washington Post)

The note at the bottom of the video at YouTube says it was recorded on August 13th, probably because the person who taped it got too excited.

33 Songs For 33 Miners:

“Cecilia Ann”
“Rock Music”
“Bone Machine”
“Crackity Jones”
“River Euphrates”
“Wave of Mutilation”
“Monkey Gone to Heaven”
“I Bleed”
“Broken Face”
“Something Against You”
“Isla de Encanta”
“Sad Punk”
“#13 Baby”
“Gouge Away”
“Is She Weird”
“U Mass”
“Break My Body”
“Dig For Fire”
“Ed is Dead”
“Mr. Grieves”
“Winter Long”
“Here Comes Your Man”
“Head On”
“Holiday Song”

“Where Is My Mind”

[Photo via the Associated Press]

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  1. I’ll translate for those among us who arnt fluent in espanol.

    “Greetings! (crow cheers)
    “My name is Mucho!” (crow cheers)
    “Your mines are not up to code!” (crowd cheers)
    “Your president is going to milk this for all the PR he can!” (crow cheers)
    “I volunteered to assist with the rescue, but I cannot fit down the shaft!”
    “Ka Pow!”

  2. Most unsurprising encore ever.

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