Kylesa - Spiral Shadow

If you’ve paid attention, you know where I stand on Kylesa’s fifth album (and 2010 best of contender) Spiral Shadow. It’s an album that works best within its own snowballing context, so take a listen to a couple key anthems “To Forget” and “Don’t Look Back” and then do look back at opener “Tired Climb” and “Forsaken.” You’ll really hear the Built To Spill influence in “To Forget.” “Don’t Look Back”’s one of the single most triumphant tracks of the year. Put it all together and you’ll get an idea what makes this record special.

“Tired Climb” again:

Another shot at decoding its video:

Spiral Shadow is out 10/26 via Season Of Mist. Thoughts, hipsters?

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  1. In light of listening to these tracks, Spiral Shadow definitely seems like it has real crossover potential. I could see hipsters and pseudo-metalheads rocking this, but who cares? Let ‘em. It’s catchy and has a serious (classic) indie influence to it, so that’s inevitable. They’re going to be derided and shit on for months for this one- but what band that reaches their level of popularity isn’t? For the most part I like it, and hopefully it’ll stick like Static Tensions did for me.

  2. ^^ Agreed on the crossover potential. Where ST had the thrash/psychedelic elements weighted to the former, Spiral Shadow reverses the scale. Fingers crossed for a tour with somebody like Ludicra or even neo-60s psych guys The Black Angels.

    Set last night in Detroit was utterly perfect. All of the ST songs I wanted were played, culminating in a seriously epic drum-off jam of Scapegoat with 4/5 members beating on something. Tired Climb and Forsaken are two precious jewels that’s for sure

  3. This is hard rock, not metal.

  4. Not impressed

  5. “Don’t Look Back” alone makes me not want to listen to this album.

  6. “Don’t Look Back” makes me want to buy everything the band has ever released.

  7. This is a great album, and an awesome display of genre-bending and technical prowess. To the guy who’s “not impressed,” that seems like the kind of critique you give someone who mails it in. Kylesa can never be accused of that, especially with this album. Come up with a real critique and I’ll hear it out, but this one is scoring rave reviews from metal zines to the washpost.

  8. i am 44 yrs. old and an old school metal fan. This is good shit. Push FoRwArD!!!!!!

  9. To Forget- …….

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