Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours

Like New Kids On The Block before them, Cold War Kids are one of those bands long-ago fans have a hard time admitting they once loved. I’m not sure why. Where’s your loyalty (to loyalty)? I never liked them — feel free to do a background check — so I’m comfortable continuing to think they aren’t interesting. But maybe “Royal Blue,” a song from their forthcoming Jacquire King-produced third albumMine Is Yours, will lure the old-guard back into the fold. (Or maybe it’ll make them realize their favorite onetime buzz band would work well on a tour with Jack Johnson.) Listen at HypeM, break out the Tapes ’N Tapes.

Mine Is Yours is out 1/25 via Downtown.

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  2. Damn.. I admit Loyalty to loyalty wasn’t my favourite but Robbers and Cowards was enough to give this band a second chance after a sophmore slump. Go easy, it’s a monday.

  3. I will fully admit I have always enjoyed Cold War Kids. Saw them live on the Loyalty to Loyalty tour and it was a really great show.

    This song however? Lackluster.

  4. i have no problem admitting that i loved Robbers & Cowards. and even their last album had a couple of good songs worth listening to more than four times.
    this new track is cool though. there’s definitely more to it than 77% of Loyalty to Loyalty.

  5. Ok, so I have never commented on this site but I love it and felt I had to say something here. This song is not that bad, actually I would say it is pretty good. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t care whether or not someone likes the Cold War Kids but I feel that anyone who’s a fan of good tunes (such as tose who write for and produce a site such as stereogum) and doesn’t like the Cold War Kids never got to see them before they got so huge. I got to see em play little shows at places like the Casbah in San Diego back when they were starting out and was amazed. Good band and good songs, just wish they hadn’t got so big and hope to see them play a small venue again some day.

  6. “I never liked them — feel free to do a background check”

    Flag-planting was seriously bad, but now you’re actually anti-flag-planting to prevent yourself from the potential embarrassment of backlash?

    Honestly, brandon, nobody gives a crap…

    I like that Stereogum’s bringing the opinionated style back though, it’s a lot more fun.

    Anyway… I was wholly expecting to dislike this track based on their more recent output, but I thought it was pretty catchy and didn’t sound completely shambolic (like much of Loyalty to Loyalty did, unfortunately).

    • Nope, I’m saying what I’m saying: I never liked Cold War Kids. A lot of people did like them, but for some reason don’t cop to it now. (A denial I find interesting.) They have a new song. I still don’t like it, but maybe people who used to like them will remember what they liked and come back (or whatever).

      As simple and honest as that.

      • Oh, and RIYL Jack Johnson.

      • Without wishing to get into a debate on structuralism/post-structuralism, you know as well as I do that language is rarely as simple and honest as that.

        For example, I infer from “A denial I find interesting”: ‘A denial I feel somewhat smug about given that I had the measure of Cold War Kids on first listen’.

        I’m only playing, really. I like the controversy.

        Decent song, all things considered.

        • Ha ha. OK, maybe. But I’m more interested in the listeners than the band.

          • I couldn’t agree more. I have strongly disliked this band from the first second I heard them! I also saw them live a while ago opening up for Clap Your hands Say Yeah, at a Lollapalooza after party. They were awful! And all their fans 100% loved Jack Johnson. I know this because…….. Every single one of them we talked to went to see Ben Harper instead of Daft Punk!

  7. I love Cold War Kids. I’ved loved them since they released their first EP, Mulberry St., in 2007. I continue to love them. They’re great. If you do a twitter search or three you’ll see that you’re completely wrong and there are still plenty of fans out there. Loyalty to Loyalty was a great album.

    You generalize too much. Which is a polite way of saying you’re totally wrong.


  9. I come to this site to read about music news, not to hear the undercooked opinions and whimsical observations of “brandon”.

  10. Whoa. Edgy commentary. J/k. Good to see a strong opinion in the negative direction around here for once. Opinions are good, people.

  11. Good band and good songs, just wish they hadn’t got so big and hope to see them play a small venue again some day.
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  12. It just sounds like music. Nothing fancy, nothing new.

  13. I’m no Cold War Kids expert, but this is one of the better songs I’ve heard by them.

  14. It’s not a move back towards the original sound of Mulberry St. and Robbers & Cowards either. I’d say they’re taking the sound from “Dreams Old Men Dream” one step further, so I don’t know why “the old-guard” would eat it up. Not a bad track, but they’ve done better for sure.

  15. “Oh, why don’t we criticize the Cold War Kids because their new track might not be their best track ever…”

    Come on, people. Good bands don’t sound exactly. the. same. on . every . single. album.

    Their music is evolving. Because they’re actually maturing as a band just as the individual artists are maturing as people.

    So they don’t sound exactly like their 2nd album. Or their 1st. (As if we can possibly judge their new sound by one song…) That’s a good thing. We already know how they sounded before. Let’s wait and see how they sound now.

    Brandon, just because you never liked them and still don’t doesn’t give you license to $#!T all over their new material. But it DOES make your article worth commenting on, and I salute you for that.

  16. i actually used to love Cold War Kids, and i would attack you for saying they should tour with Jack Johnson if that weren’t the kind of thing i say all the time.

  17. Whatever. Keep on ironically listening to Das Racist, Brandon.

    • Unfortunately, you picked the guy over here who doesn’t actually listen to Das Racist. (And, in general, i try to keep my ironic listens to a minimum. Even the Mr. T Experience.)

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