Warpaint PR 2010

We’ve been anticipating the release of The Fool long before we added Warpaint to our Best New Bands list. We’ve mostly gotten previews via videos, like their soft-focus clip for “Undertow.” Now you can stream the entire album via Hype Machine a couple weeks before its October 25 release date. Listen:

The Fool is out 10/25 via Rough Trade.

Comments (10)
  1. Sweet deal!

  2. Dope. Finally!

  3. I have to listen to this a few more times. It’s all a big blur right now to be honest…hmm!

  4. Hmmm… after the EP I was really looking forward to this, but one spin through left me feeling a bit ambivalent. Maybe that’ll change with subsequent listens. If not, oh well.

  5. They don’t sound nearly as ghostly as they do in their demos and the exquisite corpse ep. The vocals are WAY clearer and really far forward in the mix. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

  6. I’m sick of new bands

  7. Loved the drums on this
    First three songs were great, slightly downhill after that however, still very good

  8. Love the fullness of sound. Love the effects. Love the harmonies which are some of the best since the Wilson Bros.

  9. you have to listen to this album about 10 times to appreciate just how good it is.so glad i did its now my best album ever.bees,composure,set your arms down,undertow are masterpieces.

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