Neko Case Single Hits Rock Band, QTV

Neko Case’s been a cartoon and now she’s a videogame, or at least part of one. The New Pornographer’s Middle Cyclone single “People Got A Lotta Nerve” shows up as part of the “Alt Country Pack 01″ for Rock Band 2. My sense is that the average Rock Band player will be more interested in Case’s car surfing than her music, but then, this is the “Alt Country Pack 01,” which also includes songs by Steve Earle (“Satellite Radio”), Lucinda Williams (“Can’t Let Go”), Drive-By Truckers (“Three Dimes Down”), and Old 97’s (“Timebomb”). Wise not to include Charlie Daniels. Here’s S1ckH4nds test driving Case’s track.

Animated people whistled at the end. The “Alt Country Pack 01″ came out yesterday. The song also showed up on QTV, the televised version of CBC Radio One’s Q. But this time it was the actual Neko performing it.

Middle Cyclone is out 3/3 via ANTI-.