Taylor Swift visited BBC Radio 2 yesterday to do some songs for their “Great British Songbook” program. She performed an acoustic take on Great British band Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” While her live vocals are often rough, if not painful, she sounds pretty good here. Watch:

Swift is in the U.K. to promote her upcoming LP, Speak Now. It’s out 10/25 via Big Machine.

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  1. Surprisingly nice! Kinda funny that she needs two guitarists to accompany her for this. Also kinda funny that this is on Stereogum? Anyhoo. Sounds good!

  2. dont tell me taylor swift is stereogum friendly now. i feel like this is the last corner of the world that still realizes how suckfest she is……

  3. go away

  4. I’m usually the first one to get upset at people yelling at Stereogum for being “too mainstream”, because I sometimes enjoy news about U2, R.E.M, major label indie bands (Death Cab, White Stripes, etc.), but this is a little much. Taylor Swift doing a cover a Coldplay song? i don’t get it.


  6. To all: We cover Coldplay regularly, so when someone notable covers them it’s usually worth a mention! Or not, in this case APPARENTLY. ;)

  7. i for one commend the taylor swift updates and this performance is very good, thanks, dudes.

  8. She’s a dreamboat, if only she wasn’t 6’3″, she’d be my dream girl

  9. Not only is it good, it’s ten times better than Weezer’s version.

  10. Coldplay suck, Taylor Swift sucks. no excuse.

  11. Someone has to pay for the ads so thanks to Taylor’s management. And Kanye’s too.

  12. C’mon, Stereogum. Do you know how many mainstream artists have covered coldplay? I didn’t see a post about Lady Gaga’s Viva la vida cover. Probably because her publicist didn’t strong-arm Stereogum into posting something about her, which I assume is what went on here. Taylor Swift is not a good artist nor is she an indie artist.

    • I don’t know…I try to give Stereogum the benefit of the doubt when it comes ads and assume they have enough integrity to do not make a deal like that. But what I will say is that the new format makes pieces on breaking bands harder to find and tends to make posts about Kings of Leon, Weezer, and Taylor Swift easier to locate. Just a thought.

  13. Stereogum, you FAIL.

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