Jack White PR 2010

You’ve probably seen the many promos for Conan O’Brien’s upcoming TBS show. Now a few announcements have come out leading up to the November 8 premiere: As reported, Max Weinberg won’t be joining O’Brien, but Jimmy Vivino has been promoted to band leader for the new Basic Cable Band. And yesterday the show announced that O’Brien’s first guests will be Seth Rogen and Jack White. It fits, since the White Stripes were O’Brien’s final guests on Late Night. In other White related news, the “holy grail” of White Stripes collectibles, one of 15 hand-painted copies of the band’s second single ever, recently sold for $18,000, according to the Third Man Records website. The single was “Lafayette Blues,” and Jack White and Dave Buick, owner of the label that released it, had to paint the covers themselves after the real ones didn’t arrive in time for the band’s show at the Gold Dollar in Detroit. The singles originally sold for $6 at the show.

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  1. 18,000 Dollars?!!?!?! Hachi Machi. Did they fail to mention that the record was also dipped in gold, and slathered in 4,000 year old honey from ancient Egyptian tombs, and served with a century egg cracked over a Honus Wagner baseball card on top?

    But I do hope that Jack and Meg got a cut of that, and that it wasn’t some Sotheby’s style auction. If so, Jack needs to give Damien Hirst a call so that he can learn to get in on the ground floor of that bizness.

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