At long last here’s the 35-minute short film Kanye briefly teased at the VMAs last month. The usual suspects — Pusha T, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj (in a Brit accent), and Bon Iver — make vocal assists, and allegedly 90% of this soundtrack will appear on the forthcoming LP. “Runaway” (written by Hype Williams and shot in Prague over the summer) was inspired by groundbreaking cinematic rock films like Thriller, Purple Rain and The Wall. Which explains the papier-mâché model of Michael Jackson’s head.

And in case you missed G.O.O.D. Friday yesterday:

My Beautiful Dark Twited Fantasy, banned album cover and all, is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Release date is 11/22 via Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam. Tracklist:

01 Dark Fantasy
02 Gorgeous (ft. Kid Cudi and Raekwon)
04 All of the Lights
05 Monster (ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver)
06 So Appalled (ft. Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi the Prynce, Swizz Beatz, and RZA)
07 Devil In A New Dress
08 Runaway (ft. Pusha T)
09 Hell of a Life
10 Blame Game (ft. John Legend and Pusha T)
11 Lost in the World

“Blame Game,” heard for the first time in the film, samples Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th.” Though not as well as these guys did.

UPDATE: And yes, he surprised Brooklyn Bowl later that night. Photos and video here.

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  1. Is there a non-clean one?

  2. The movie is kinda meh, but jesus the music is incredible!

  3. Fucking brilliant. Sounds like a masterpiece of an album, and I’m not even that big a fan. Beautiful film.

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  5. the piano part 25:00 minutes in. who wrote that?

  6. I would say: Great visuals, design and music. But some bad acting and nonsensical song placement.

    • I really get the feeling that the campy acting was intentional and part of the aesthetic. I could be way off. Probably, actually.

      • He said he was inspired by the campy acting Tarantino sometimes uses. Like the first line about not believing anything you hear in the news.

  7. So he abandoned See Me Now? That seemed like the big radio track, no?

  8. Too many shitty featured artists on this album… I don’t know how I feel.

  9. I am always surprised by kanye, everything he touches is gold.
    When I heard he was making this I didn’t believe it, I figured too good to be true.
    But I was wrong. Its incredible. Just another milestone on KW’s amazing (so far) career.

  10. Can’t wait for this

  11. The first track is fire. Unsurprising, seeing as it’s produced by RZA.

  12. I really don’t catch some things. First, what the fuck Ku Klux Klan is doing here? And second, is there a kind of subtext when the white people serving the table…I don’t want to continue. Anyway something is wrong with the video. I think the peple who created the video wanted to emphasis these things…why?

    • It’s shot in Prague, everyone in the video is white, except for Kanye’s friends and girlbird. That includes the marching band and the newscaster.

    • In that interview for MTV he said the art director did the dinner scene, with no racial intentions, just visual. He also said the red hoods represented the cult that pop culture is (MJ being an idol), not KKK. So yeah. There’s an interview.

      • what about the cover of the album? and the whole white women being prostitutes metaphor? Mixed angel ‘combining the races’.. and tons more stuff… I just liked the video because it was the first ‘rap music video’ made you think a little bit..

        AND they have actual freaking credits. Jesus christ nothing is credited anymore.

  13. How is that awesome? It is a lame story with bad acting and visuals on par with Flash Gordan. The only problem is that Flash Gordan was released in 1980. The only thing striking was the opening driving and forest shots. Hip-hop legend? Most people, if you asked them today, couldnt tell you two songs from his first album.

  14. Kanye is doing what the music industry needs. Someone other than Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa to talk about. Kanye ran off, made sick music, and now is back and better than ever. This video is great, it a good push for his genre and no one has done something like this since MJ. Diamond teeth, Lamborghinis, Victoria’s Secret angels? what more do you people want? If you are complaining about the acting, relax, Kanye is not a good actor, he does make up for it though with the great visuals and music that is in the video. I wish more bands and artist would do this for their music, Kanye is doing something different and its getting people talking.. His new album will go platinum in no time.

  15. This is great for so many reasons.

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  17. Great visuals, album’s gonna be amazing but this video is the most ego driven nonsensical piece of crap being passed off as “art” I’ve seen in a while.

  18. I might be forever in the minority with this opinion, but I love the ego in this man right here. I love every pompous, self-important declaration he makes. I feel like it’s sort of essential, and I don’t want him to be humbled in really any way. I want him to keep thinking that the world wants to see 35 minute music videos starring himself, because then we’ll get stuff like this! And honestly, it’s great, it’s an utterly strange and original thing. After suffering through the indulgence of Puffy in the late 90s, it seems like there is finally someone with a big enough ego AND the strange sensibilities to make something wild and original like this. It is like Purple Rain and The Wall, in that there’s another artist with enough of an ego to try something big.

    This might sound like a diss on Kanye, but I promise it isn’t. I love it, I really do.

    • You know what? I agree. I’m not a Kanye fan… however, at the 13th minute mark I bought in, because both the visuals and music were especially tight right there. Yes, I’m partial to thinking that improvised ballet dancing is hot, having suffered growing up in the LA Ballet Co., however, even the sound landscape was on it– especially the minimalist beat then later coupled with ayers of fat synth sounds during that surreal moment of beauty and beats. I feel so strange to be giving Kanye props. Holy shit.

  19. Can’t quite believe how bad that ‘British’ accent is; but the rest is surprisingly incredible

  20. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 26th, 2010 0

    keep this as the top post for a few more days. god damnit. fucking lazy

  21. MJ’s Thriller is still better.

  22. As four, or five, or however many music videos, this is really slick. But all the film bits inbetween are really just lamesauce. That, and Kayne’s apparently very into this idea of a phoenix riding him.

  23. Right, where do I start…

    The opening scene (after that God awful narration and special effects) with the car driving through the woodland was a really strong scene and interesting framing of the car in relation to its surroundings, from that point on this film was weak. In so many ways…

    the lead female was attractive, but beyond that she had zero acting ability. It was even worse when Kanye and her shared that dialogue scene (@ 26:33) it was really very difficult to watch.

    The phoenix costume was questionable, nice idea just poorly executed in terms of quality. Where did that metal breast plate come from in the last scene when she is flying home? It didn’t even fit correctly and was moving about the whole time, for a scene like that to be powerful distractions like that should be avoided. Should have re-shot and had her look like she did in the rest of the film, even though that malfunctioned at points and came away from the skin. With so many talented prosthetic makeup artists in the industry I was surprised at how weak that looked. The wings on the other hand were well made and looked good.

    I touched on the acting, but to comment more; I felt Kanye shouldn’t have tried dialog, as it was awkward and really unnatural. Silence would have been a much better option and possibly more powerful. The lip syncing in places was useless.

    I agree with Taylor Wingate that the special effects were on par with Flash Gorden, if a nostalgic look was wanted then it should have been made more obvious. I think the effects and pyrotechnics were just a way of flashing some cash, if a bit more thought went in to those scenes they may have been more effective?

    The dinner scene with its racial divide was thought provoking, though I have read it was only done for aesthetic reasons, I’m not sure if I can believe that with the KKK reference in the scene before. That apparently was just a comment on Pop culture in some way? If it was, that didn’t come through even when watching it again with that in mind.

    I’m not sure if many of you are still reading this, but I would just like to finish up by saying I watched this film with an open mind and really gave it a chance even though my preconception was to hate it after all the pompous things Kanye has done in the past. My preconception was right and this is nothing more then an attempt to gain acceptance into high culture and come across like a genius, when frankly he is not when you compare his work to the likes of Quentin Dupieux (Mr Oizo) a true artist in the field of music and film.

    over all I would rate it 4 out of 10. The 4 being for the fact he tried it, but it didnt work out. It was in my humble opinion nothing more then a big budget student film.

    and before you start hating on me, I am entitled to my opinion much as you are entitled to yours.

  24. I plain just don’t know what I think of Kanye. I’m pretty sure I don’t like him anymore though. I think his lyrics don’t really have any direction, but I want to be interested in what he’s doing. Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing?

  25. Absolutely sick. I’m not even a Kanye fan. Can’t sing, raps are kinda weak … But that video is inspired. Dig the “Eyes Wide Shut” off-key piano chords falling into “toast for the douchebags” … That video is a slice of wickedness.

  26. theres a new white rapper that is AWESOME! i heard he just got signed but not sure… check out his new song here its already getting radio airplay!

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