New Art Brut – “Catch” (Cure Cover)

Lady Sovereign isn’t the only person covering the Cure this month: Art Brut and a host of others have contributed their takes on the band to Pictures Of You, a Cure tribute CD free with this week’s NME. Art Brut handle Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’s “Catch.” We have that song, along with the rest of the Pictures tracklist, but while we’re here: Robert Smith isn’t into the pay-what-you-want model, and that’s fine. The man’s very good at his job, so he’s entitled to an opinion on the business. In fact, he and his mates just won a Godlike Genius award at the Shockwave NME Awards this past Wednesday (2/25). Ponder that while you listen to Eddie Argos do his one thing. We also have Smith’s spoken word intro to the collection, where he talks about the instructive aspects of covering another band’s song, and where to place a cover in your canon, etc. That comes first.

Robert Smith’s Introduction

Art Brut – “Catch”

The order of things:

01 Robert Smith spoken word introduction
02 Mystery Jets and Esser – “In Between Days”
03 Lostprophets – “Boys Don’t Cry”
04 Marmaduke Duke – “Friday I’m In Love”
05 Dinosaur Jr – “Just Like Heaven”
06 The Big Pink – “Love Song”
07 Editors – “Lullaby”
08 British Sea Power – “A Forest”
09 The Dandy Warhols – “Primary”
10 The Get Up Kids – “Close To Me”
11 The Futureheads – “The Lovecats”
12 Art Brut – “Catch”
13 Metronomy – “Fascination Street”
14 Alkaline Trio – “Cut Here”
15 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – “In Between Days”

Dinosaur’s take on “Just Like Heaven” is a classic unto itself. In case you forgot or haven’t heard it, here goes. One of my favorite covers ever — I still own the cassingle! As far as Pictures Of You, if you want the disc, it’s in this weeks’ NME, which also includes a Kings Of Leon poster, oh joy. To round out all these NME festivities, the Cure played the NME Big Gig last night at the London O2 Arena with Franz Ferdinand, Crystal Castles and White Lies. Here they are doing their own “Just Like Heaven” complete with sing along. Sadly it cuts out after a minute. We’ll look for more video, but in the meantime: