Live Judee Sill – “Jesus Was A Crossmaker”

David Geffen saw the talent in Judee Sill — who, along with Carole King and Joni, was one of the key players of the Laurel Canyon Sound — and he made Sill the first artist signed to his fledgling label. “Jesus Was A Crossmaker” was Judee’s first big single from her acclaimed eponymous debut and a fixture during her London dates of ’72-’73, the best of which are featured on Judee Sill Live In London; The BBC Recordings 1972-1973, out in the States next week.

The song appears twice on the live comp, this rendition coming from Judee’s April 5th, 1972 performance on In Session With Bob Harris. It’s beautifully mastered, her voice pure, accompanied by classically moving chords on an acoustic and a teadrop melody like Joni’s. Really gorgeous stuff, been on repeat all afternoon at the HQ. Enjoy.

Judee Sill – “Jesus Was A Crossmaker” (MP3)

Judee Sill Live In London is out 6/13 on Water. Tracklist after the jump.

01 “Jesus Was A Cross Maker”
02 “Lady-O”
03 “The Lamb Ran Away With The Crown”
04 “Enchanted Sky Machines”
05 “The Kiss”
06 “Down Where The Valleys Are Low”
07 “There’s A Rugged Road”
08 “The Phoenix”
09 “The Donor”
10 “Soldier Of The Heart”
11 “Interview”
12 “Enchanted Sky Machines”
13 “The Kiss”
14 “Down Where The Valleys Are Low”
15 “The Phoenix”
16 “Jesus Was A Cross Maker”
17 “The Kiss”
19 “Down Where The Valleys Are Low”

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