When we’ve spoken about the various Strokes side projects and Lonely Island appearances, Nikolai Fraiture’s Nickel Eye has tended to get short shrift. It’s not that we don’t like the guy — his vacant stare and bone structure is kinda Nico beguiling. Maybe he’s just lower key than some of his band mates. Whatever the case, Mark Ronson recently did a remix of “Brandy Of The Damned” from Nickel Eye’s The Time of The Assassins. And, hey, it’s pretty enjoyable. (I don’t necessarily buy that all his life Nikolai’s “been a working man,” but minor quibble.) The original version doesn’t have all these horns, the extra snare hits, or Wale’s voice.

(Via Fader)

Contrast/compare the album version at Nickel Eye’s MySpace. Also, if you’ve been keeping track of your calendar, you should also recall that the Strokes started work on their new LP at 2PM on February 11.

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  1. When is wale gonna blow up, jeez. Love the nickel eye effort.

  2. As much as I like this, can the Strokes please come back

  3. I might be wrong about this, but I think Nikolai was the only one of the Strokes not born into a lot of money.

  4. They all went to school together (besides Albert) so they are probably all pretty well off. It’s too bad, i was so disappointed when i found out, the strokes are my favorite band.

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