Crystal Castles & Robert Smith - "I'm Not In Love"

I surprise myself (repeatedly) by how much I like Crystal Castles’s second album. (It’ll be on that endless year-end list of mine, surrounded by metal, sludge, noise, various bleak, icy things.) But when they do something like get Robert Smith to sing on a song — a Platinum Blonde cover that sounds like the best thing the Cure put together in ages while offering another angle at the kind of saturated, blasted goth-noise prettiness Alice Glass and Ethan Kath do well — the interest feels obvious. Listen to this updated ’80s take on (II)’s “Not In Love.”

The updated “Not in Love” is the A-side of a single due 12/6 via Fiction. The B-Sides are early acoustic demos of “Celestica” and “Suffocation.”

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  1. Perfection.

  2. I wish he would push the cure in this direction (or any direction other than what was 4:13 dream)

  3. This collaboration deserves a full album. If someone told me this was a Cure track, I would tell them its the best thing I’ve heard since Bloodflowers.

  4. holy shit, where is the full length! this is great

  5. I want more…now!

  6. I’m a fan of Cure’s darker-side[Pornography, Faith, Disintegration] but this definitely sounds interesting. Robert Smith should do something with The Knife next!

  7. Awsome collaboration

  8. I liked the album version a lot, but this just makes it so much more grand. My favourite band (The Cure) is finally collaborating with someone worthwhile. I hope this will influence Smith to do something more along these lines.

  9. I love, and will continue to love until I die, Robert Smith’s voice.

  10. Couldn’t agree more, I wish we could make them do a full-length together. Love this!

  11. I love this, I’m surprised R.Smith’s voice still sounds so strong.
    The last I heard from the cure was their self titled record.
    Is that the last thing they put out?

  12. Yes, I’d like to sign the “Robert Smith, please record a full length with Crystal Castles” petition. It’s so much more positive than the “Robert Smith, please stop making Cure records if they are going to sound like anything you’ve done since 1990″ petition.

  13. bad. news. for us all. Electronic shit is horrid, get real instruments back in the picture. these bands are terribad.

  14. Bad news Dumphy, electronic ‘shit’ is great. Well, some of it. I’d love to see Crystal Castles become awesome, when Alice Glass sings it truly is brilliance. Unfortunately they do also have some pretty bad songs, which in turn is cancelled out by their excellence. If they do more songs like this then they’re good with me.

  15. Fantastic track! I personally can’t get over the fact Robert Smith’s voice hasn’t deteriorated one bit over the years and he can still produce fantastic vocals. Crystal Castles remixes rarely fail to be incredible.

  16. Crystal Castles suck….period! Will someone punch that hood wearing cock in the face already? I want to break that guy’s nose with my fist.

  17. WOW! Now this is the Robert voice we have been missing. He is singing and not yelling the song. Love this track and his voice with feelings makes it that much more moving. The Cure should definitely go in this Dance Track type of Album. Hey, it reserected Madanna’s career in her mid 40′s, why not Robert.

  18. Really like this. TUNE!

  19. I don’t get it. I’m sorry but I just son’t get why this is so good. It’s like one guy repeating the same thing over and over with repetative synth. I actually feel bad for not liking this like i’m some sort of disgusting degenerate.

  20. Really like this , and would love to hear them record a full length, as there is nothing like Robert’s voice. It’s a voice that brings so much to this song, the version on II did nothing for me. This get’s played on loop.

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