Fox News’s “Resident Doom Metal Expert” Mike Huckabee stumped for Haunting The Chapel regulars Torche — “a band with more hooks than a pirate convention” — on Red Eye Monday night. Ridiculous and scripted, sure, but his “review” of the hardworking Miami trio is one of the most entertaining (and, at times, dead-on) I’ve heard: “It’s Black Sabbath meets U2 mixed with a vat of delicious chocolate sauce.” Etc…

He also knows his Foo Fighters. (Curious what he thinks about Cobalt.)

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  1. If you haven’t heard of them… you’re a racist, homophobe.” LOL

  2. Dear God: I’ve been pronouncing “Torche” wrong this whole time. I’ve been saying it like it was a French word or something. I now have to go back and totally re-do “Mans’s Metal Meltdown” podcast, which will be hard because I already broke the tabs out of the blank cassette.

  3. It’s like, I know he SHOUDN’T be President, but I wish to God he WAS President.

  4. But what does he think about Anal Cunt?!

    • This too is important, but I myself am concerned about his stance on Goblin Cock. Too soft? Too hard? I need to know these things if I am to make an informed decision.

  5. This pretty much made my day! well, not as much as getting a return phone call from a certain pretty girl I know would make my day… but seriously, there should be more of these!

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