Brooklyn drone outfit Mountains offer a appropriately chill soundtrack for their snowed-in borough today, where the world outside our windows is still and quiet and we’re all happy to zone out with our headphones on. The duo of Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp recently released Choral, its third album and first for Thrill Jockey. Their ambient compositions have earned comparisons to Eno and Fennesz, and over these newest instrumentals, Mountains’ somber organ- and acoustic guitar-based soundscapes layer chimes, rattles, harmonicas, accordion, field recordings, and electronic flourishes to hypnotic effect. “Ceremony,” which adds muffled percussion and banjo to the mix, is one of two bonus tracks contained on the vinyl release.

And here’s the dense, 13-minute title track that opens the LP.

Choral is out now on Thrill Jockey. Hear more at MySpace.

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  1. d@ve  |   Posted on Mar 2nd, 2009 0

    choral is absolutely amazing. i went into ceremony thinking it’d be a joy division cover. Wasn’t but still good. I’d like to hear that used for one though that’d be crazy.

  2. Mountains is certainly not a drone outfit. More electro/ambient post-rock oriented. If you want to hear drone, listen to Earth’s latest epic effort.

  3. joe taco  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2009 0

    Koen last record was pretty bad ass

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