Grohl, Novoselic, Vig Reunite For Next Foo Fighters LP

Dave Grohl asked his former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic and Nevermind producer Butch Vig to help him out on the new “old school analogue” Foo Fighters album. NME reports Novoselic handles bass on one track. No Age collaborator Bob Mould appears on another. The Mould track’s called “Dear Rosemary.” Grohl spoke about his input, telling BBC Radio 1 that “['Dear Rosemary'] sounds like if Hüsker Dü wrote a four or five minute hit opus and then the Foo Fighters played it.” As far as Novoselic: Grohl has only said he “came in the other night and played bass on a song.” Otherwise, he mentioned the collection is Foo Fighters “heaviest yet.” Read more at NME.

[Photo via Paul The Insomniac]

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  1. Off Topic Time: Is it a generational thing to be so entranced by “classic era” pictures? I look above and all I can think is “oh hell hes, peak-era Nirvana, so cool…so damn cool.” Is it just because when these pictures were coming out in real time I was thinking the same thing, about how cool they were? Or, from a purely objective standpoint, does a picture like this fill the viewer with a sense of youth-long-fled and hipness-long-gone that while staring back 18 years into the eyes of rock heroes frozen in time a small fraction of that excitement is captured once again, just because it’s a good photo?

  2. I’m so double-minded about this. Yes, having Kris involved with a song along with Butch producing, and having a primary influence like Bob Mould along as well is exciting. It also leads one to think Grohl’s afraid he can’t pull it off anymore and must rely on guest-star stunt action. I suppose I’ll lean one way or the other once I’ve heard the final product.

    • If this is true then I suppose most/all mainstream rappers with a different guest star for every song can’t pull it off either? Wait…..bad example. While that may be so for rappers I’m pretty confident in saying you may indeed be the only one to think this, especially since the guest stars only represent a couple tracks, not to mention everything else grohl is involved with. I’d lean towards being excited.

  3. I doubt Dave Grohl questions his own abilities. He was able to make the entire first self entitled Foo Fighter album by himself. Not to mention he did the drums and the rhythm guitar on the Colour and the Shape. His third album, There’s Nothing Left to Lose won him Grammys for chirst sake. I Figure he’s talented enough to be taken seriously by other talented musicians that they don’t see this as a ploy to sell more albums, but a chance to work with a musician that has enough talent to play with the big dogs. I mean just look at his resume’, Nine Inch Nail, Motorhead, Nirvana, Scream, Sarj Takin of System of a Down, Queens of the Stone Age, Paul Mcartney, Norah Jones, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones. That’s just naming a few. His own band is world famous. Sorry, but I don’t get what you mean by

    “It also leads one to think Grohl’s afraid he can’t pull it off anymore and must rely on guest-star stunt action.”

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