Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, just Tweeted this “old song, new video” for a track he released via Twitter back in April 2009 (he also bragged about how quickly he finished it). As 24Bit notes, The Streets website has a tiny new countdown timer, pointing to a date that is 101 days and 9 hours away. Is Skinner doing a little housecleaning before he releases a new album on 2/7/11? Probably. For now, enjoy this quickly put together video, which features Skinner lipsyncing the track in various settings, sometimes with a giant cigar in his mouth:

(via 24Bit)

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  1. Love this song…one of Mr. Skinner’s best. Can’t wait for ‘Computers and Blues’, glad to see Mike back!

  2. Someone got himself a new set of teeth. Is this for real, sounds weird with them….sorry.

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