While YouTube-hero and Steve Perry-soundalike Arnel Pineda does his thing with Journey 2010, Steve Perry himself was busy rousing the hometown San Francisco crowd at AT&T Park during the 10/21 Game 5 of the NLCS. “Don’t Stop Believin’” came over the stadium’s public address system at the start of the 8th inning and this is what happened:

The Giants ended up losing that one 4 to 2, but beat the Phillies a couple days later in Philadelphia, 3 to 2. They’re currently killing Texas in the World Series. Fear the beard.

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  1. There’s a story about him in the Sarah Silverman book. He tells her how much he enjoyed her show and that she tells really good nigger jokes. She tries to tell him that the jokes are about racists and that he’s missing the point. But he repeats that she tells good nigger jokes.

  2. Give it up to Steve Perry for cheering his team!!
    The SF Giants are on FIRE!!
    Good luck at the World Series……..so far, you are on top!!!

    I love you Stevie!!



    P.S. to old man rock (above my comment) Please do more research because Steve Perry responded about that serious accusation and denied ever saying that. I say the man is too CLASSY for something like that!! Perry on!!

    • I did do my research. As I correctly stated, there is a story about him in Sarah Silverman’s book. That is a fact. I don’t care about his side of the story; he’s the former singer for that shitty band, Journey.

      • To old man rock – As TheOtherMrsPerry said, Steve Perry is way too classy to say something like that. You need to hear Steve’s side of the story. Steve Perry needs to sue Sarah Silverman. Steve, if you are reading this, all of your fans believe you and believe IN you!!

  3. Journey jumped the shark when “Don’t Stop Believin’” was performed on Family Guy.

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