“Please don’t stop / It’s lonely at the top / These lonely days / Will they ever stop.” Billy needs a hug! “Doomsday Clock” sees Corgan in a mode of apocalyptic alienation, and there’s no better way to combat that then by a) writing a song about it and b) giving your website a 2.0 makeover. So have a listen to the barreling track at Deaf Indie Elephants and then check in over at smashingpumpkins.com, where you can upload and rank tour vids and photos. And if any of you get around to posting a comment over there asking Billy to explain that electrical-taped translucent superhero dress — and get an answer — for the love of the Zeitgeist email tips at stereogum dot com.

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  1. aussie  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2007 0

    corgan needs to shut his hole and wax his dome.

  2. Danielson  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2007 0

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    Visit the username NoiseBurrow and download my compiled list of ZIP files containing the latest leaks and hard-to-find rarities! Enjoy!

  3. Evan  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2007 0

    Okay, this song is like two chords away from being “Tarantula”.

    My hopes for this record, which were already miniscule are now even smaller.

  4. Ju Bean  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2007 0

    Can’t be sure about the robes, but hardcore Pumpkins fans on their message boards seem to think it has something to do with David Bowie & Kabuki theater, Queen, or Marc Bolan & T. Rex. But Billy never got over the goth shtick, so he added electrical tape for kicks.

    Personally, I’m just glad he didn’t get a hold of a Bedazzler.

  5. The lead singer of this band used to be Billy Corgan and his old band Smashing Pumpkins used to be good. It’s kind of sad.
    If I want to hear what the Pumpkins should sound like today, I’ll listen to Silversun Pickups.

  6. The Other Matthew  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2007 0

    Incidentally, this song is also on the Transformers soundtrack. Yeah, I know, no one cares. Just saying.

  7. 21  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2007 0

    agreed on the Silversun comment

    that was a great cd

  8. ryan  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2007 0

    re: the silversun pickups bit.

    that’s supposed to be ironic, right? like, what you’re saying is that silversun pickups sound like a bunch of hacks performing a two-bit ripoff of something good, as do the current incarnation of the pumpkins, amirite?

    god i love the internet.

  9. 21  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2007 0


    i really did like silversun

    i dont agree totally with the this is what the Pumpkins should sound like part

    still a good albeit very copied disc

  10. wha happened  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2007 0

    That was disappointing. Even more disappointing than the single.

    I’m officially expecting Zeitgeist to blow balls now.

  11. andrew  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2007 0

    sounds like a half-assed retread of ‘dross’ from machina II, crossed with tarantula.
    it seems as if this will only be marginally better than Machina I- i hope it isn’t any worse. i’m not really holding my breath though.

  12. it is great!!!!!

  13. frank  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2007 0

    I don’t know what anyone is talking about, bashing the two songs that have been released. This is heavy, dense guitar work, classic Pumpkins. But I think this time around, as opposed to Machina, it actually sounds like guitar and not a processor.

    Anyone who has listened to Geek USA, I Am One, Bury Me, Quiet or Frail and Bedazzled will hear the same sort of riffage in Tarantula and Doomsday Clock.

    As for the Silversun Pickups; please. Has any one listened to anything other than the 1979-esque Lazy Eye? The actual album is just more of the same boring indie rock garbage that has ruled the so called “alternative” scene for the past half-decade.

    I hated Adore and Machina and so far (fingers crossed) Zeitgeist sounds like a return to rock finally.

  14. Mike  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2007 0

    haha. I love it, watch the dumb scene kids rip on the guy that half their dumb rip off pretentious prick bands wouldn’t exsist without. These new songs are a straight back reference to Siamese Dream, cept this time he’s bringing the Corgan Fuzz to it. Seriously, are all of you silly Of Montreal kids that afraid of a little grit in your grunge? The first albums were easier to swallow because they were less out there, less experimental. Now he tries to throw all you faux music purists out there a bone, and what do you do? you bitch about it. With attitudes like yours, it’s only deserved that all of this stuff will end up being lost on you.

  15. Cameren  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2007 0

    I’ve always been a Pumpkin’s fan, and still am. I do like The Silversun Pickups, but are they better than the pumpkins? Most certainly not even close. This song may be played in the same key as Tarantula, and have a drum solo opening, but their both quite different beasts. Not to mention they kick total ass. The Smashing Pumpkins have done more for music than pretty much any band in the last 20 years, and appear to be continuing the trend. Some may have disliked Adore, I personally loved it, but can you hate a band for trying something a little different? It’s more respectable than hearing the same Nirvana song 50 times but with different names.

  16. serpico21  |   Posted on Jul 4th, 2007 0

    f*#k all u haters. you’re all complete idiots.

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