Cee Lo PR 2010

Cee Lo stopped by Radio 1 to do this live-in-the-studio take on Kings Of Leon’s “Radioactive,” a song many of you liked (even if you didn’t like the video). This is notable not only because it’s not a cover of “Use Somebody,” but also because you should give Cee Lo’s cover a chance. His voice is more than adequate for the lite-gospel feel the Followills were going for.

And speaking of Cee Lo and covers, Videogum Gabe is super excited for his girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow to cover Cee Lo on Glee.

The Lady Killer is out 11/9 via Arista. Kings Of Leon’s Come Around Sundown is out now.

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  1. He fucks up a lot of the lyrics. Not the lyrics exactly but the order in that they’re sung. It’s decent though.

  2. Gwyneth Paltrow is going to sing an auto-tuned, censored version of a song that is only a few months old anyway, on Glee? I don’t think they could possibly do anything more to prove Damon Albarn is exactly right about that show.

  3. my least favorite cee lo cover
    but it was still pretty good

  4. this cover is dreadful and makes me resent the song in general more so than i already did from it being constantly overplayed

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