Stereogum November Mix 2010

Back again with another monthly mix which, per its title, you should continue to expect monthly. We’re glad you guys enjoyed the last installment, and thoroughly appreciate the feedback. In case you missed October’s launch, the idea here is to offer a concentrated compendium of the finest recent freely available MP3s, selected from (though not limited to) the universe of tracks we’ve posted in recent weeks. It’s a filtration service for those that don’t have the time to hear everything on the internet, and a chance for us to highlight the internet’s finer wares. Future installments may feature group editorial picks, or mixes by other contributors. Like last month, your DJ today is me. Welcome.

November’s mix features 13 tracks sequenced for mood and framed to play to, maybe even treat the hangover you woke up with, whether it’s a disorder electoral, seasonal, or free radical in origin. There’s despair via Crystal Castles & Robert Smith and Brooklyn post-punk upstarts Regal Degal, leavened with the uplifting digital tropics of beat-minded Blood Diamonds’ “Heart” or the boy-girl Philly fuzz of Reading Rainbow. There’s a pair of sublime hypnotics via the extended electronics of Physical Therapy’s “Holy Other” remix and the disorientingly textured, pretty darkness of Porcelain Raft’s “Back Of My Eyes.” Anxiety spikes come courtesy of Kingdom, Mr. Dream, and the Soft Moon, as does resolution compliments of a spare acoustic exeunt from Family Band. And more. It’s 13 tracks. Download the zip, check the tracklist:

Stereogum Monthly Mix: November 2010 (96.69MB .zip)


01 Crystal Castles – “Not In Love” (Feat. Robert Smith)
02 Regal Degal – “Pretty Busy”
03 Blood Diamonds – “Heart”
04 Girls – “Heartbreaker”
05 Reading Rainbow – “Always On My Mind”
06 Woodsman – “Insects”
07 The Soft Moon – “Tiny Spiders”
08 Mr. Dream – “Learn The Language”
09 Sleigh Bells – “Tell ’Em (Kingdom Remix)”
10 Botany – “Agave”
11 Porcelain Raft – “The Back Of My Eyes”
12 Holy Other – “We Over (Physical Therapy Live Mix)”
13 Family Band – “The Deal”

Comments (14)
  1. Thanks, really appreciate this!

  2. I’m loving this way more than I’m comfortable with.

    • I hear you on that. The Crystal Castles song especially, mostly because I have not liked anything I’ve heard from Crystals Castles before. But listening to this tune with Robert Smith, I sat there in front of the computer arguing with myself, real angel and devil on the shoulder type of stuff, about why I shouldn’t like it (damn you judgmental Devil!) but I love hearing Mr. Smith and the song serves his voice so well, just listen to your heart (says the Angel!) and so here I am, enjoying the hell out of the song.

  3. awesoooooome, thanks.

  4. Given some time to interact with the Girls tune, I must admit I’m just a touch disappointed with the “production.” Listening to the first album, I always kind of thought there was a grand pop majesty lurking somewhere beneath the bare strumming and simple, direct melodies. But this song, while it’s still good, is also just sort of average in terms of arrangement. I wanted big like Scott Walker, something to fulfill all the pop potential in the melodies, but it sounds like they just sort of added some studio musicians and a few after effects.

    I’m still excited about the full album, though.

  5. Amrit, I replaced the peace rally signholder gal with a retro tech girl.

    If any of you listeners — thanks for the listening, btw; isn’t Amrit a good DJ? — like to play in Photoshop, we’ll accept December Mix cover art submissions. We always save that for the last minute. Just e-mail the tips line if you wanna get involved.

    Then again maybe Brandon will be in charge of December and it’ll be all black metal. TBD!

    • Hey there, I’m not a one-trick black-metal pony! Though would be fun to do a mix that somehow connected entirely to black metal… For instance, Zola Jesus’s drummer has a black metal band. The dudes in Frank (Just Frank) had a black metal band. Phil Elverum loves the stuff. Ditto Jorge from Violens. Telepathe had a Burzum shirt in a video. Salem reference it. Crystal Castles… You get the idea, but that would be too easy.

      • p.s. Not to mention Lev (Krallice) is playing with Violens here/there at this point. And John Darnielle is a huge metal head… (You can’t escape it.)

      • “I am not a … pony!”
        - Brandon “Tweedy” Stosuy 1991-2112

        Actually December would be perfect for a gothy, wintry mix. You’re assigned.*

        *Should we just use these comment sections instead of our usual internal office discussion threads? Since no one else is using these comment sections? (ZING. I JUST ZINGED MYSELF.)

  6. Man I really want to like the Sleigh Bells remix more. I mean how could Kingdom remixing Sleigh Bells not be incredible?? well somehow its not :(

  7. Overall, I’m really down. Thanks!

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