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When not beefing with Bush or showing us his bushy beef, Kanye West makes music. The Bon Iver-guesting “Monster” has been floating around for awhile. You’ve also maybe watched the 35-minute “Runaway” video. You’ll find “All Of The Lights” on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, too. This one won’t take as long to process as “Runaway,” but the guest list is pretty crowded: Rihanna, Fergie, Elton John, John Legend, The-Dream, La Roux, Alicia Keys, Charlie Wilson, Kid Cudi, etc., contribute.

Download at Rap-Up. And if you have any questions for West, he’s doing a live chat at today at 4 PM EST. This embed should work, we’ll see:

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is available for pre-order on iTunes. Release date is 11/22 via Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam. Tracklist, with links to listen:

01 “Dark Fantasy
02 “Gorgeous” (Feat. Kid Cudi & Raekwon)
04 “All Of The Lights
05 “Monster” (Feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
06 “So Appalled” (Feat. Jay-Z, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz & RZA)
07 “Devil In A New Dress
08 “Runaway” (Feat. Pusha T)
09 “Hell Of A Life
10 “Blame Game” (Feat. John Legend & Pusha T)
11 “Lost In The World
12 “See Me Now” (iTunes Bonus Track)

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  1. Let’s do this.

    Not gonna stick around for the whole thing, but so far we know Watch The Throne is coming 2011…

  2. Hey, why are you guys giving away all his songs? You don’t do that for other artists/albums…

    • We only gave away his songs that were free MP3s via G.O.O.D. Friday.
      Most of the links above are to various streams, HypeMachine, etc.

      Also note: the final mixes may be very different from leaks (esp the early ones) though today‘s leaks are presumably from final promo copies for the mags w/ long lead times. So you’ll still want the actual LP and not just a collection of tagged unmastered radio rips and such.

  3. Most of those tracks are rips from the Runaway movie and are not the full/final songs. In case people were wondering.

    • I think just 2 or so are from the movie? “All Of The Lights” and the new version of “Gorgeous” definitely leaked in full today.

      • Dark Fantasy, Blame Game, and Lost in the World have had their most recent incarnations come from the movie at least.

        Some notable changes from these leaked versions (for those who are curious):
        - Dark Fantasy is rumored to have some changed up lyrics
        - There is an All of the Lights interlude before All of the Lights on the album
        - Rick Ross has a feature on Devil in a New Dress
        - Runaway has added samples to make it sound more like the VMA performance
        - Pusha T has been removed from Blame Game
        - Lost in the World is rumored to have a new drumbeat and the part with Gil Scot Heron may have been moved to a seperate outro track entitled “Who Will Survive in America” that was seen on a twitpic of the finalized tracklist from Kanye.
        - Big Sean has been added to See Me Now

        • You know your shit. But yeah, we’re not gonna Premature Evaluate this until we hear the proper LP.

          Meanwhile, if any of you watched the UStream, you know Kanye constantly mentioned “leaks,” so our headline isn’t inaccurate.

  4. mamas boyfriend is a bonus track.

    quote from dj premier

    “[Kanye] actually hit me the day before he had to turn the album in to do some scratches on a song called ‘Mama’s [Boyfriend],’” Premier says of a record West debuted a capella this summer at the Facebook headquarters. “We just did it like five or six days ago… They sent me a private hard drive. I had to know certain passwords and go through all these steps to get the song. Kanye even sent me an email saying ‘destroy all the roughs I sent you.’”

  5. Right, the final proper album in sequence (etc.) hasn’t leaked, but one could certainly start evaluating it based on what’s available.

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