LCD Soundsystem’s David Ayer-directed video for “Pow Pow” features Up In The Air’s Anna Kendrick, a bodyguard who ripped-off my personal style, and plenty of munitions, but alas, no Michael Musto.

This Is Happening is out via DFA/Virgin.

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  1. Great song, great album, great actress.

    Awful video.

  2. I am so confused.

  3. There’s a whole catalog of music that came out of NYC during the late 70′s/early 80′s that plenty of people already made. Check out “Optimo” by Liquid Liquid. It’s pretty much the foundation for anything James (or anyone else on his label) ever made. Eh, maybe I’m just bitter because he’s responsible for the arbitrary 1979 in Death from Above (RIP). I guess it’s OK to be totally derivative just as long as an original sounding artist doesn’t use the name you wanted to.

    • lmao way to miss 90% of the point of LCD Soundsystem/ DFA records in the first place,

      i don’t get it though, you try and posture yourself as some sort of paragon of taste/ ‘originality’ standards but you try to use DFA1979 as your example? hahaha this is the post that keeps on giving

  4. Any director would have a problem with their movie being edited down to nothing, fading out instead of having an ending. This is exactly what was done to this song. The video was crap, and to those of us who love the wonderful art that James Murphy painstakingly puts out, this was a huge misfire. i hope there is a full version out somewhere that lets the song take the lead (not the video).

  5. Also featured: Johnny Drama’s car from the opening credits of Entourage.

  6. Great song, great video

  7. more like Rocket Science’s Anna Kendrick, am i right?

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