Thom Yorke, Photobomb

Statute of limitations on the internet’s hunger for museum photos with winning incidental background features, like say Thom Yorke striking a pose like an 18th century man of leisure = definitely not three years. Alternate headline: Photobombing People Is Easy.

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  1. ha I like to pretend that he walks around with that face all the time

  2. I didn’t understand a word of this post.

  3. This photo is taken in the Mona Lisa room in The Louvre.

  4. Finally, proof that he WAS there, and that it WAS happening!

  5. so thom yorke is human after all!!!!!

  6. yeah yeah, its thom yorke.

    but more to the point, LOOK AT HER SHOES. a fashion faux pas if ever i saw one…

  7. so is that Rachel (Thom Yorke’s girlfriend)?

  8. Thom’s pose rivals Leo’s strut – wonder if it’s a tumblr meme yet.

  9. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Bands still use myspace? Or is it just you and your Charlie Sheen cover band on there, all alone?

      And BTW, you are ruining Back To The Future by using that quote as your album title.

  10. Not convinced that’s a “thom yorke”, I think it might be a Banksy.

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